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If fullerton couple missing from casino see them or the car, please call While defendants were at home, someone used the sledgehammer to tear apart or demolish a whirlpool hot tub in the back yard. One mile past where the searchers looked. Inside the house, there was spray paint on the walls. In others they have not made a law one way or the other, and others only law enforcement can use them.

Controversy Over the last few years drones have been controversial, because of privacy issues. According to the Indianapolis Star, Dianna Bedwell is the older sister of Sylvia Likens, who was slain 50 years ago in a murder that's been called "the most terrible crime ever committed in the state of Indiana. You can lose cell service in that area, but you regain it as you travel on 15, and I can only guess they never regained it as they were traveling in the opposite direction, or both phones went dead.

She said Bedwell married Knuston 25 years ago, and the two were bus drivers before they retired to Orange County, Calif. Sally Estabrook With Paul and Dianna, using a map it looks to me as though Paul did go the right way at first but instead of going north on 15 he went south and his cell phone pinged near Deer Springs Road.

Click here if you can help. Most are complaining they evade their privacy by flying over their house. Anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to call the San Diego Sheriff's Department at If you look back over the case you will see that they had a two cell phones with them, according to their son.

They are shown leaving the casino at 2 p. On Sunday, May 10, around 2 p. They were so far off from where they should have been, it was no wonder they were not found by the traditional search methods.

I have since found out that their car went off the road into a ditch and got stuck. Defendants moved things out of the house into storage pods.

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They remained with their vehicle until ultimately found. The garage door and the entry gate were gone. Searchers While the searchers were searching in an area that seemed logical they would be, Paul and Dianna were sitting in a most illogical spot.

I do believe without a doubt a drone would have found Sally. A big semi-truck also moved things away from the house.

Missing Fullerton couple Cecil “Paul” Knutson and Dianna Bedwell

Possible not because they were so far in another direction. Monique put black dye on the master bathroom grout.

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Wooden beams attached to the ceiling of the entryway were removed. The couple finally stopped and pulled over.

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Stonework between the swimming pool and the whirlpool hot tub was damaged and removed. There are some drones you are able to put on autopilot and they will travel a distance beyond the range of the remote control, but it is limited. One wrong turn after the other took him to another road, even more remote than the last.

Her remains were found two months later behind a house in Julian, seven miles away. The car is also outfitted with a tracking device similar to OnStar, which was also shut off, either by being removed or damaged, reports the station. Read Would a Drone have helped find Paul and Dianna?

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And since a drone does not get tired, fullerton couple missing from casino could have continued to push past the limitations of the searchers, and past the limitation of the standard grid of search and the limitations of the standard mile area of search, and possible locating Paul and Dianna.

Coroner stated Cecil Paul Knutson died from a heart attack.

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Paul had passed away and Dianna was barely hanging on to life. When they investigated closer, they discovered an elderly couple inside the vehicle. Conjecture Although this is conjecture and we will never know if the drone could have saved Dianna, Paul or even Sally, we need a drone in the hands of the Search and Rescue Team immediately for the certain and inevitable next lost person in San Diego county.

Knutson's daughter Kristen Smith, who is Bedwell's stepdaughter, told the paper that Bedwell's father had placed Sylvia and another daughter in Baniszewski's care as he traveled to make money for the family.

Is there a pending suit to follow? They were sentenced to days each in jail and 5 years probation.

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It would have taken someone looking outside the box to go to the area where they were found to look for them, and that out of the box thinking would have been what would have found them. A court document stated: Both defendants pulled up plants in the back yard. Regardless Regardless, going back to what happened to Paul and Dianna you have to look at it candidly.

Her other two brothers were living with their grandparents. She only had about a 30 minute start on them, but no one could find her. The male occupant was deceased but the female occupant, who has been confirmed to be Dianna Bedwell, was found alive but in serious condition.

Likens body was reportedly discovered malnourished, covered with sores, burns and bruises, with the words, "I am a prostitute" etched into her abdomen. A police statement release says: Somewhere he turned around and fullerton couple missing from casino going in the opposite direction. Bedwell was evacuated to a local hospital for treatment of her injuries.

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The family also called Cecil and Dianna punctual people. Bedwell was 18 and married at the time, living with her first husband, while two other brothers were living with grandparents, reports the paper.

Drones are becoming more and more sophisticated. San Diego County was not on that list at that time, but later that changed and received a go-ahead.

Would a drone have found the missing Fullerton couple Paul Knutson and Dianna Bedwell?

In order to bring a heavy bar down from the upstairs game room, Robert and a neighbor used a sledgehammer to pull out wrought iron posts from the staircase. Assuming this will turn into a lawsuit, what will it be based on? The searchers concentrated in this area.

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Chad Amonn has a San Diego based start up named Inova Drone where his drones are made specifically for first responders. Most seniors want to be in their house before the sun goes down because their eyesight is limited. There was also no sign of them at their home in Fullerton, about miles north of the casino.

The Hyundai Sonata was at the bottom of the hill with the nose down in the dirt and the wheels buried in the ground. They were suppose to be traveling 15 North. Is a lawsuit coming? Three others - a son, John Baniszewski, and neighbors Coy Hubbard and Richard Hobbs - were convicted of manslaughter, reports the paper.

The FAA has a system in place for law enforcement to use drones and has given the authorization to law enforcement in San Diego, but they have not rushed out to buy one.