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You have to pay whatever price tag you find on the products you have chosen to purchase.

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Completed application forms are to be submitted online not later than Friday, June 22, All branches of Guaranty Trust Bank Nationwide. Payment for Application Form is N20, After submission, applicants will be required to print the completed Application Form and Acknowledgement Slip.

The Fraud In Slot Limited by boyoboy The acceptable dimension is width: A walk around shows you so much value the company has to offer in terms of products and services. To wrap it up, the phone was taken elsewhere for further repair. Their prices are often the very best you can find in the market, because they are the major distributors for most top mobile phone brands.

I laugh when people tell me slot does not slot unilag branch fake Note Kindly note that if payment is not made five 5 days after obtaining payment voucher, the pre-application would be deleted.

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All branches of Zenith Bank Nationwide. Integrity is no longer a virtue that some people are willing to keep.

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Talking about customers service, I don't know or can't remember any bad adjective I can use to peppermill reno casino map slot. At Yes Mobile we issue out receipts to customers excecpt if they don't not want it and which they can return before 7 working days only for accessories Bro when ever you buy any thing always ask for your receipt because it does not matter if it works or not.

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But on the way home, before getting on a bus, something made me check the battery. Sending SMSes, sending emails, internet surfing, calling etc. I went to have lunch, and came back about an hour later. But, as God would have it, and get me vindicated. This is pure propaganda against slot.

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Slot ain't doing good in recent times, truth be told. What I think is that it appears after selling the right to use their brand, slot rarely checks on what their franchise do. This company is a wholly owned indigenous company and was incorporated ina time when Nigeria ICT systems and infrastructure was still fledging. Immediately the Lady should collect the charger from you to test on your phone and another phone but if there are still no changes she is ment to give you a refund or find a suitable charger of your taste.

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She insisted that the phone fell down, hence the reason for the issue. SLOT Systems LTD is reputed to providing exceptional after sales support, which is very uncommon with companies engaging in similar businesses in this part of the world.

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Intend going to Slot tomorrow to get a new charger. Hard copies of the Application Forms with Credentials are to be submitted in the respective Departments. I rushed back there. Even the phone's pack that came with it was so rough you'd think it was from a mechanic repair store One needs to be extremely careful with these people shaaa Balkan: When i got home i realized my phone was without a memory card.

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Click the Edit Application form link to fill the Application form and upload digital passport photograph jpeg format which should not be more than 15 kb in size and must be in white background. Sadly, all slot unilag branch explanation wouldn't help as the said phone never fell off.

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You are expected to print out the payment voucher. I had gone there to purchase a Lenovo A But there's something we're missing out here.

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Slot is a nonsense, overrated and useless store with very poor customer service. Upon getting back their office Awolowo way, Ikejalady representative wouldn't agree that it was their fault.

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Well this is because the product the Lady sold to you does not belong to Slot but to her, but the very shameful thing they did was the way they addressed the Issue. I gladly collected my phone and left. You see my friend, I feel very sorry for you and the roulette mariot costa you think.

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It seems gone with the wind. SLOT Ltd, during its year of incorporation, began importing high quality computer accessories.

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This was not the first time but this time around I rejected it. Applicants are expected to provide printed payment voucher for bank payments. In conclusion, shopping for favorite mobile as well as smartphones should be fun and easy, especially when shopping at a reputable mobile phone retail chain store such as SLOT Systems Ltd.

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Branches To really extend its reach, SLOTs systems ltd currently has about 44 branches scattered across the federation. You are expected to print out the payment voucher. Last time I wanted to repair a tablet at Micro-station Saka Tinubu.

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