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They made me very welcome, changed Aussie Dollars to Turkish dollars, explained the change rate, and asked me about my travel to Turkey. Thank you Daly http: I was very grateful for the way in which you also supported our students.

Kind regards, Hannah http: He made brilliant suggestions about perhaps purchasing small amounts of additional currency for stop overs even short airport only ones. Bonita was terrific also and was very patient and understanding when my husband had issues with his EFTPOS card having a low daily withdrawal limit.

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This was very true. This proved to be absolutely perfect for me. Kind Regards Ange http: Kind Regards, Andrew T Great phone manner and attitude, especially for first thing in the morning! Thank you Daly T Kind regards, Jacinta T She was not only competent, polite and capable. Kind regards, Hannah T Crown casino currency exchange afternoon Anika Kays made my day. Thank you again for the tremendous service you provided me and my students.

On my return a week ago, I returned to the Crown money exchange and again I got the money changed; crown casino currency exchange asked how the holiday went.

Yours sincerely School principal T Usually exchanging cash is a mundane activity with the person on the other side of the glass acting the part of a zombie. He provided excellent advice and didn't stop at what I had requested. Once again thanks for the great service and rates. Donna at Indooroopilly who served me was really helpful and polite. She really did a great job and the quote was so easy to understand.

I just wanted to pass on my appreciation as I know that people are often quick to criticise but not to praise. Yours sincerely School principal http: What a lovely girl, and her service to me was lovely. Her approach will ensure I ignore my bank and visit your facility, when next purchasing and selling foreign currency.

I was talking yesterday on the phone to Tansyn from Pacific Fair. I just had to write thank you and your staff for their excellent service that I appreciated. Firstly I just wanted offer congratulations to one of your staff at Indooroopilly - Alice - for the outstanding level of customer service she provided me with yesterday.

They were all able to get their cash without any hiccup. Hello Today I must commend you on your staff and rates. I spoke with Alice Crown Currency Exchange Indooroopilly this morning and she provided fantastic service. She was much more. Kind Regards, Andrew http: I know how busy you are so it was very good that you crown casino currency exchange be there to give out the medals and prizes.

You rang me during the preparation for our trip to check that all our needs in relation to money were being met. I will return on future trips and will refer your shop to friends and family who are planning trips in the future.

When I came to the Crown Money exchange I was impressed with the staff the girls on the counter who served me.

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Robbie explained that he wouldn't be working the following morning when my husband went to collect the currency but that Bonita would look after us. They also had good sense of humour. I got a quote sent by her You all are amazing and so pleasant to deal with.

The fray seneca niagara casino you Adele T Anika made a normally dull transaction a pleasure. We had to do a quick transfer to another account to enable him to access the cash. We look forward to seeing you soon playing on our lawns. She was so friendly, polite and professional - commodities in the service industry which we don't see as often as we should.

Furthermore, I appreciated your customer service. I then did the rest of my exchange with Donna and will be back to your outlet there again, as well as telling Trip Advisor friends Not often we come across lovely people so I thought I would let you know.

This afternoon, I took myself and a small amount of Hong Kong dollars etc to your Maroochydore exchange.

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In my role as Managing Director I travel extensively and, as one does, I had accumulated some annoying foreign currency. It was a great week for our club with many people attending and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Kind regards, Jacinta http: Thank you very much for being one of the Sponsors of Southport Croquet Club.

Robbie Crown Currency Toowong replied within hours of me putting through the enquiry.

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Thanks again and I will recommend you and Crown Currency to anyone. My family and friends travel a lot so I will be sure to pass on my experience with them.

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Before I left I sent off a quote request via the website for some Euro. I have been using Crown Currency Pacific Fair since I had no problems when I picked the cash up at Carindale and the staff there were very good. Kind Regards Ange T Thank you Adele http: