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They must have a designated individual responsible for co-ordinating policy in this area and, where necessary, training staff and carrying out due diligence on their business and the supply chain.

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Playing Safe and its Principles will continue to define the way the UK casino industry conducts its business. We want to make the UK the most attractive destination in the world for gaming. Our members offer a modern and diverse range of gambling products in an exciting, enjoyable and safe environment.

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The general terminology used to describe how much money a tribal council allots in monthly stipends to its enrolled members is "per capita. We are committed to encouraging social responsibility and diversity amongst operators.

Casinos have more licensed and trained staff than any other sector of the gambling industry. We seek a fair tax regime for casino operators and campaign for harmonised regulation. This means we can ensure that successful initiatives are developed and promoted to all staff, regardless of where they work; operators can learn from each other and adapt a joined-up approach to issues that affect the industry rather than pursuing piecemeal solutions.

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Our commitment to responsible gambling is visible and measurable. They provide more thanjobs, and non-Indians fill about 75 percent of those jobs. We ensure gambling in our casinos is closely and expertly supervised. We embrace the spirit, as well as the letter, of the Gambling Act and go well beyond our statutory responsibilities to protect the young and vulnerable.

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All casinos have a chance to adapt best practice. Approximately 62 of the approximately federally-recognized California tribes operate casinos according to NIGC. We promote a well-regulated, socially responsible and economically sustainable casino industry. Casinos are evaluated by ACE, an independent panel of respected academics and industry experts, to ensure they conform to these Principles and receive accreditation.

First, I will say to Ms. We play an active role in several international organisations, including the Institute of Licensing and the European Association for the Study of Gambling.

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How many Indian casinos are there in San Diego County? All casino employees are regularly trained and accredited in social responsibility practices.

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The customer must always come first. How many Indian casinos are there in the United States? It is at the heart of all that we do. We promote industry events, such as The UK Dealer Championship, which highlight the talent and career opportunities within the industry.

It paved the way for an era of co-operation amongst operators, allowing the land-based casino industry to speak with one voice.

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All casino operators have signed up to the principles of Playing Safe, a commitment to safeguard customers and make casinos safe places to gamble. There are currently 10 Indian casinos operating in San Diego County with two casinos in development stages We ensure the risks associated with gambling are understood, measured and communicated to customers. Our aim is to offer our customers a full range of the most up-to-date products, no matter which casino they are visiting, and to give them a superior gaming experience in the UK.

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Some of the most successful casinos have expanded to include world-class resorts, hotels, restaurants, spas, golfing. Our members are actively involved with all aspects of casino gaming regulation.

We promote modernisation and innovation in the industry, harmonised regulation and a fair tax regime. Playing Safe is the pioneering industry-wide programme, launched by the National Casino Forum into promote responsible gambling in every casino.

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