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A soldering iron with a hollow tip seneca allegany casino entertainment a spring- bulb- or electrically-operated suction pump may be called a desoldering iron. Otherwise all joints must be freed from solder before the component can be removed.

If they may not be destroyed, surface-mount components must be removed by heating the entire component to a temperature sufficient to melt the solder used, but not high or prolonged enough to damage the component.

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Technique[ edit ] Desoldering requires application of heat to the solder joint and removing the molten solder so that the joint may be separated. Solder filling the hole can be removed with a pump or with a pointed object made of a material which solder does not wet, such as stainless steel or wood.

A system under the JBC brand uses extractor shields that concentrates heat where it needs to be, protect surrounding components and avoids damage to the board or the QFP.

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A solder wick on a reel Solder wick, before use The braid is removed while the solder is still molten, its used section cut off and discarded when cool. The stubs are then easy to melt off and clean with a soldering iron.

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The component is removed while the solder is molten, most easily by a spring-loaded puller attached to it before heating. Terminology is not totally standardised.

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Short lengths of cut braid will prevent heat being carried away by the braid instead of heating the joint. For hot air, you really have to get one with an acceptably small or large nozzle to suit the size of your component to some degree, and you have to have at least enough control of the air velocity that you don't blow your components away.

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This system prevents damage to the pads on the PCB, the IC, avoids overheating surrounding components and blowing them off and also removes the risk of having operator errors by using tweezers or other tools that damage the PCB or IC.

Another method is to use a heat gun or pencil butane torch and heat up a corner, and gently pry blackjack soldering station off, working the torch down the leads.

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The extractor has a spring system that gently pulls the IC upward blackjack soldering station the liquid stage of solder has been reached. A typical spring-loaded solder sucker A solder sucker partially dismantled showing the spring A desoldering pump, colloquially known as a solder sucker, is a manually-operated device which is used to remove solder from a printed circuit board.

Hot air pumps blow air hot enough to melt all the solder around a small surface mounted part, and can be used for soldering parts in place, and for desoldering followed by removal before the solder solidifies by a vacuum pump or with tweezers.

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Techniques are different for through-hole and surface-mounted components. Suction pumps are used to suck 100 x pay slots molten solder, leaving previously joined terminals disconnected.

Through-hole[ edit ] A component with one or two connections to the PCB can usually be removed by heating one joint, pulling out an end of the component while the solder is molten bending the other lead to do soand repeating for the second joint.

Pumps[ edit ] Electrically operated pumps are used for several purposes in conjunction with a hand-held head connected by a tube.

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