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After playing and loving the first game I had to try the sequel and I was not disappointed. You seek help and information from the Fairy Queen but first must get to her.

So, with the help of goblins, the Faerie Queen, Mira and a pocket dragon Sophia makes her way through Moonfel woods to find the The Witch who helps her find her way to her next destination after this game Moonfell Wood Very good storyline along with good visual and sound She also learns more of the story of why her family and other humans left to settle somewhere else.

Moonfell wood has the most beautiful graphics I've ever seen, I've played this game multiple times usually, I don't like to play a game more than once I totally reccomend it!

It's an amazing game! And all the scenes are hand drawn and beautiful.

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In terms of the storyline, you have to make your way to the witch, which keeps you pushing forward. Everything else is so right, I think the game deserves five stars. The artwork is clear, and the visual style is beautiful with bright, lush colors.

Awakening: Moonfell Wood

All I can say is this game series is worth having. Lots of little puzzles and hidden objects to find.

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There are other types of puzzles and situations to figure out, though, with casino supply and services on pattern recognition and logic. Lots of interesting puzzles and HOS. I feel like I have a purpose to playing and an eventual goal and this series did not disappoint!

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There are neat subtleties like the way the water ripples when you "touch" it. You enter Moonfell Wood, the domain of the Fairy Queen, with the help of a fairy guide.

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Storyline was well done and it is hard to believe that the third in the series Goblin King was done by the same company. Overall i highly recommend this game and look forward to playing the next. The storyline is well-integrated craps yo payout game play, visual style and music, as well as the developing arc of the series.

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There are enough mini games, hidden object and tasks to do and they are a nice balance. And it is long, which I love.

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This time I played the music on external speakers for a while to hear what it really sounds like. From the first moment I started playing I was hooked and have played the entire series. Puzzles that so integrated into the game that they feel part of it.

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The main change I noticed was that the puzzles got harder which for me was a welcome change. The graphics are excellent and the music not overpowering.

AND the developers other games I thought they did such an awesome job. It's something we can do together.

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Really enjoyed this game. There's a lot of putting pieces back together. There is a version of solitaire that you play also at frequent intervals. Completed this game many times with the whole series. In this game you get the same engaging story line, relaxing musicand amazing graphics.

I loved the illustrations and music. For the puzzles, it sometimes helped to click on far-apart areas of the same piece or to click on alternating pieces, rather than clicking repeatedly on the same one.


I played it first and was disappointed but the first 2 in the series have been excellent. Two reasons I rated "fun" four stars rather than five: The find items on a list HOS are few but there are a lot of find so many of these type with some pretty good puzzles.