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Civilization has taken them over. Emmett Dalton stood with his rifle under his arm, coolly tying up the neck of the sack which held the money.

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The mother of the family still lives near Oklahoma City, where she secured a good claim at the time of the opening of the Oklahoma lands to white settlement. Uncle Sam is obliged to take such material for his frontier peace officers as proves itself efficient in serving processes.

Bob Dalton said, "I'll have to kill you," and so shot him through the chest.

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Grattan later served as United States deputy marshal in Muskogee district, where the courts certainly needed men of stern courage as executives, for they had to deal with the most desperate and fearless class of criminals the world ever knew. He met Bob and Emmett, who ordered him to halt, but for some reason he kept on toward them.

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Cubine standing with his Winchester in his hands, and an instant later Cubine fell dead, with three balls through his body. Bob took aim and at seventy-five yards shot Ayres through the head. Passengers dreaded the journey across that country, and the slightest halt of the train for any cause was sure to bring to the lips of all the word of fear, "the Daltons!

Franklin Dalton was killed while serving as deputy United States marshal near Fort Smith, inhis brother Bob being a member of the same posse at the time his fight was made with a band of horse thieves who resisted arrest.

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Whipple October 15,at which time they moved into the newly constructed house Whipple had built for his bride. At an alleyway junction they spied F. Ayres, and called him by his first name, "Tom," said he, "go into the safe and get out that money get the gold, too.

The citizens of Coffeyville put the bodies of the four dead gang members on public display and sent copies of the photo below to major newspapers across the country. Rising to his feet he walked a few paces and leaned against the corner of a barn, firing two more shots.

Learn more about the area through battle reenactments and living history exhibits. The remaining years of Emmett's life were spent on the stage, writing a book on the Dalton family and the Raid, and as a real estate dealer in California. He still clung to the sack of money they had taken at the First National Bank, and he still kept his nerve and his wits even under such pressure of peril.

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Daring as it was, it was foolish and futile. The Daltons; transcribed by Janice Rice. Grattan wanted the gold, and demanded that an inner safe geant casino 42000 the vault should be opened.

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Williams from across the street. Bob was dying and told him it was no use to try to help him.

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And, as so often has been the case, outraged society at length took the law into its own hands and settled the matter. The Preservation of an Outlaw Hideout In the southern part of Meade, Kansas, four blocks south of highway 54, still stands the two-room house that was first occupied by Mr. A coward may be highly moral, but he will not do as a border deputy.

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The Dalton Gang arrived in Coffeyville early in the morning of October 5,expecting to tie their horses up next to one of the banks. Kloehr, who did some of the best shooting re- corded by the citizens. On May 9,the Santa Fe train was held up at Wharton, Oklahoma Territory, and the express car was robbed, the bandits supposedly being the Daltons.

The city marshal, Charles T. They held up a train in Tulare county and killed a fireman, but were repulsed. Whipple operated a mercantile store in on the northwest corner of the square. Gump, who stood not far from the First National Bank armed with a shotgun.

Two horses hitched to an oil wagon in the street were also killed by wild shots.

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The Region All-inclusive casino packages are just the beginning of your adventure. He died three hours later. Eva Dalton came to Meade shortly after the town was established in Connolly, had given the alarm, and citizens were hurrying to the street with such weapons as they could find at the hardware stores and in their own homes.

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A moment later, a young man named Lucius Baldwin started down the alley, armed with a revolver. Dick Broadwell joined the Dalton gang about now, and they nearly always had a few members besides those of their own family; their gang being made up and conducted on much the same lines of the James boys gang of Missouri, whose exploits they imitated and used as text for their bolder deeds.

Anderson and Charles K.

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Although Emmett Dalton was severely wounded and not expected to live, he recovered and served 14 years in jail before being pardoned. Grattan Dalton also kept his feet, and reached cover back of a barn about seventy yards from Walnut Street, the main thorough- fare.

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Emmett Dalton was now the only one of the band left alive. Bob Dalton was the leader in this enterprise. Harper, an early-day Meade County rancher. His back was turned toward Grattan Dalton. He escaped from jail before he got to the penitentiary, and rejoined Emmett at the old haunts in the Nations, Emmett having evaded arrest in California.

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It was a daring thing to do to sit down in the heart of a civilized city, in broad daylight and on the most public street, and wait for a time lock to open a burglar-proof safe.

Smith, joined in the firing. So ended in blood the career of as bloody a band as might well be discovered in the robber history of any land or time of the world. The street being some what torn up, they turned aside into an alley about a hundred yards from the main street, and, dismounting, tied their horses, which were thus left some distance from the banks, the First National and the bank of C.