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When replacing the coil on the coil core, slide it on then press in the two coil wedges, one on each end, until they are flush with the primary of the coil. The fuel travels through the fuel valve seat and passes around the fuel valve and into the fuel bowl.

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It is advisable to reverse flow of compressed air in all passages to insure that all dirt has been removed. The air for the idle mixture originates back of or from behind the main venturi. A main jet adjustment permits a limited control of the main jet fuel.

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Do not bend, twist or apply pressure on the float bodies. This change is accomplished through adjustment of the choke valve and the automatic opening of the poppet valve to admit more air when the engine fires. Gravely Operator's Manualit gives a different main jet adjustment for the carburetor, as follows: Remove float axle completely with fingers from opposite side and remove float.

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Keeping these parts clean and the spark plugs properly adjusted will improve the engine performance and at the same time will prolong the life of the magneto. CHOKE SYSTEM At high speeds the fuel flows from the fuel chamber through the main jet and into the main discharge jet where it is mixed with air admitted by the well vent, and the air-fuel mixture is then discharged into the air stream of the carburetor.

Never use a wire or drill to clean out jets.

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The choke valve is used to restrict the air entering the carburetor. Replace all gaskets and fibre washers every time the carburetor is disassembled. Inspect point of needle.

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This must be smooth and free of ridges. Screw the idle air jet adjustment needle all the way in; then back off one turn.

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Check position of float assembly for correct measurement to obtain proper float level using depth gauge. It will be necessary to press against the coil core with considerable force to remove it from the coil.

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Spark plugs should be inspected at frequent intervals, the size of the gap should be list gambling companies uk checked and adjusted, and the plugs thoroughly cleaned. Bring the piston to top dead center on compression stroke both valves closed.

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When replacing the cover be sure that the cover gasket is in its proper place. If the contacts need replacing it is recommended that both the fixed contact and the breaker arm be replaced at slot it pinion puller same time, using replacement breaker set. The coil should be supported in such a way that there is no danger of the primary of the coil being pushed out of the secondary.

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Screw the needle in until the engine begins to jason aldean hollywood casino 2015 rough. Start the Engine and allow it to idle.

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I was recently told by an experienced Gravely mechanic that the Service Manual is wrong on this point, but I'm enough of a stickler that I've left the original text intact.