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Nontoxic lead substitute thermoplastic. The casinos will be opened in August and mid-year We look forward to, and congratulate them, on their opening coming up on May 18th. Tiger Palace 1, due to open in the first quarter of and currently under construction, will be the first of the larger venues to open on the Indian border. Deck Checker The Deck Checker is back.

Previously, these weights were made of lead or die cast zinc. But a specially formulated injection molding grade Ecomass Compound weight replaced these traditional materials resulting in a superior product at a lower cost.

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Keep up to date on a daily basis for all the news including hiring. Gaming Concepts, under contract, will the the exclusive supplier for all venues. And, by automatically reading the rank and suit of each card as it is dealt, it reduces games manipulation and collusion on multi-deck games like baccarat and features a new hold card feature that is activated when a misdeal occurs.

Our high gravity compounds have also proven to be valuable casino abbiati several golf applications. Now on sale all products in the Concept Studio Ideal Products portfolio. Gaming Concepts launches their new Slot Base. Enhances game security Provides cost savings — works with any playing card type i-Score Featuring multiple, easy to use display options, the i-Score Baccarat viewer makes it easy for casinos to display current game results and trends on a table-mounted, double-sided LCD display.

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Moreover, if these products contain lead, they cannot be sold in the European Union. Check and verifies up to eight decks of cards in 1 min 45 seconds Optical card recognition Automatic adjustment for bridge and poker sized cards Identifies missing, extra or unknown cards Printed verification ticket Card vault for easy casino abbiati storage and transportation Color touch-screen display and interface Contact one of our knowledgable staff directly: Please call or email for further details.

For all enquiries please email kevin gamingconceptsgroup. Customer Contact Applications Weight can also be advantageous in certain customer-contact applications. In automotive manual transmission shifters, drivers appreciate the increased weight provided by Ecomass high gravity compounds molded into a cartridge which slides over the shift rod, in addition to the decrease in vibration transmitted through the shifter.

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News Archive November 17th: In order to fine tune the swing weight of premier golf clubs, designers have turned to Ecomass Compounds to provide the answer. Our Facebook has been launched. Contact Us Today Follow the links below to learn more about Ecomass Compounds developed for weighting and balancing applications and their relevant case studies. This innovation eliminates a common barrier to dealing complex games like Pai Gow because it eliminates the need to have the dealer memorize complex house way rules.

Gaming Concepts in partnership with Indo Pacific Gaming International, have signed a year management contract to open two casinos in Samoa.

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Or, fill out our RFQ form or give us a call to learn how we can develop and deliver an engineered thermoplastic weighting and balancing material to meet your needs. Additionally, the i-Verify can also be used by the dealer to show players how to set their hands according to the house way.

We are pleased to add a new product to the Concept Studio Ideal Products portfolio. Additionally, the i-Shoe Auto: For more information contact chris gamingconceptsgroup.

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Andrie will be based in Phnom Penh. We have recently added a 5th gaming table to our tables under revenue share at Pailin Flamingo Casino, Pailin. Its user-friendly keypad enables dealers to quickly record the results of each baccarat round casino nichts geht mehr complete, and once the data is received, the i-Score automatically updates the selected baccarat trends and displays the results on the electronic scorecard.

Casino abbiati electric and electronic devices use zinc, steel or lead inertia discs or weights which can result in corrosion issues. Replace Lead and Traditional Materials with Ecomass Compounds Originally designed to replace lead with a nontoxic high density thermoplastic, Ecomass high gravity compounds are the perfect lead substitute, helping customers meet health and industry standards while overcoming ever-increasing regulatory concerns.

Please see our website for the complete product range.

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Our compounds have also replaced a lead and stainless steel housing used for ballast and protection of submerged water quality instruments. Andrie can be contacted on andrie gamingconceptsgroup.

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MD Shufflers — for hand-dealt games Leading the way in batch shuffling technology, the new MD3 is taking the MD range of batch shufflers to new levels of performance. The elimination of lead in these product allows them to be sold worldwide, overcoming the regulatory concerns posed by countries which have banned the use of lead in such devices.


The compound selected meets all of the requirements for the housing, while reducing costs. The i-Verify also serves as a random number generator to determine which player receives the first hand of cards dealt in each round. Aiming to capture the poker player market in the region, Flamingo Poker will be played in a dedicated space set up for fun-minded poker players.