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After the vintage logo is installed it receives multiple coats of nitro, with wet-sanding in between coats, until the outline of the logo is invisible.

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With the advent of the British invasion, hollowbodies were gaining huge visibility, especially with the Beatles and their Epi Casinos. This one sounds like a good guitar. With a separate Volume and Gain controls you can get maximum distortion, when desired, without having to turn the amp up to a disturbing volume.

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Predictably, these early silver-logo American Standards would be the next Fender to escalate on the vintage market and they've been on a consistent upswing for the past few years. The only real flaw is a small stain at the base of the headstock picthat we believe was done at the factory or is a natural stain in the wood. Perhaps the most visible use of the Coronado was by the decade's biggest star, Elvis Presley, as the only guitar featured in the movie "Speedway", which was a sunburst model shown herejust like this one.

This one has been upgraded with Custom Shop '54 pickups, which sound better than the stock ones but I have plenty of original 80's USA pickups if you want it stock. It plays very easily and has a nice tone in both the single coil and humbucker modes. Never retailed - not a scratch. In addition, there are barely any scratches on the pickguard, less than you'll see on "brand new" guitars at a chain store.

Other features include a large gold pickups bolt-on neck is bound and features a rosewood fretboard and large block inlays, dual F-holes are bound, headstock is black with a gold Trans logo, controls are dual volume and tone controls with chrome-top black knobs, with a 3-way switch on the upper treble bout, tuners are the common F-tuners, and it has a single string tree.

They are mounted on a Fender 3-ply black pickguard with black knobs. When released in '87 the Plus was essentially a deluxe model American Standard, with upgraded pickups and hardware. Very versatile model at the top of the Deluxe Series line of Fenders. Judging by cosmetics and frets, this guitar has seen very little use. This "Tremsetter" by Hipshot is attached to the tremolo block inside the tremolo cavity pic.

The Strat Plus made its debut in and had a very successful year run, ending in '99, which was the last year of the American Standard series, replaced by the American Series, with the American Deluxe assuming the role of the higher-end production model. It feels much faster this way and most players seem to prefer the feel of natural wood. This is important, especially to beginners, since a guitar that doesn't play easily discourages practice and frequently causes frustration and giving up on a potentially rewarding hobby.

As the 80's came to a close, Japan's economy was thriving and the increased labor cost forced Fender to search elsewhere for manufacturing the Squier Series, leading them to Korea and the Young Chang corporation, where this guitar was built. Overall this guitar is in very nice shape, especially for 22 years.

This guitar is dead mint and appears unplayed, with plastic still on pickguard and back plate. During this same timeframe Fender was also producing a lot of the Contemporary Squiers, which came in different pickup configurations and featured a body with different contours and no pickguard.

The only modifications - the control cavity has been professionally deepened slightly on one side shown hereprobably to allow a 9V battery at some time in the past, and the output jack has been changed from the "cup" style to a flat LP style. The bad news - someone reshaped the ball of the headstock slightly shown here. Cool little short-scale bass that's perfect for the players who are small in stature, or any guitarist transitioning to bass.

Includes Fender red-badge case. Features vintage C-shaped maple neck with rosewood fretboard, solid Alder body, small headstock with spaghetti logo and vintage-tinted gloss neck, vintage Alnico pickups with staggered magnets, vintage synchronized tremolo with stamped steel saddles, aged plastic parts, and vintage 7.

This one has had a few upgrades including an authentic looking 60's Trans logo installed, all the plastic has been switched out to black, including pickguard, knobs, covers, and backplate, but more importantly, the stock ceramic pickups have been swapped out with an Alnico HSS set from MightyMite.

Along with this guitar I'm including the Fender Frontman 15G amp, complete with classic "blackface" panel cosmetics and silver grill cloth. It has good quality hardware with die-cast chrome tuners and a vintage style tremolo with stamped saddles. Alder body with 3-color sunburst finish, maple neck with modern "C" Shape profile, rosewood fingerboard with modern 9. The good news is it's barely noticeable and doesn't affect the integrity of the guitar in the least.

No buckle rash or major scratches anywhere on the body. Nice lightweight Strat at 7. Features include Aztec Gold finish with gold hardware, gold anodized pickguard, V-shaped neck, finish checking and misc dings as well as fretboard "wear", aged hardware, and 50th Anniversary neckplate. It plays beautifully and has a pleasing tone that isn't prone to feedback at reasonable gain levels.

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A pair of custom shop Custom '54 pickups have been installed, along with an orange drop cap, and changed to vintage wiring with a tone pot in place of the TBX. I would rate it an 8.

The Gold Laces 50's Strat sound on this model are the same pickups used on the Clapton and Buddy Guy signature models and both player toured with their stock pickups for many years. When finished, it looks totally factory.

Fender brought onboard German-born Roger Rossmeisl, of Rickenbacker epiphone casino chinese vs korean, noted for using a German carve on hollowbody instruments. It features dual channels, "Normal" and "Drive", selectable via a pushbutton switch. With it's all-black looks, it's a good choice for the seeker of dangerous looking guitars.

Fender is producing some very good quality guitars from their China factory. Like all in this section this one is set up to perfection - and highly recommended for anyone who wants a short scale that's a breeze to play.

Finished in Candy Apple Red, this guitar looks and sounds like the Strats you've known and loved all your life with 5 distinct classic Strat tones including the searing bridge lead tonesmooth and jazzy neck tone, and hollow "Sultans of Swing" tones in positions 2 and 4.

The thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish lets the body wood's natural tone shine through. A very untraditional guitar from Fender and probably their first real attempt not counting the solidbody Jazzmaster to get some of that Gibson business.

The current model Bronco has specs very similar to the old Musicmaster bass so we've "turned these into" Musicmasters as shown here. Just one change to this guitar - original pickup covers have been swapped out with solid no visible poles covers shown herewhich, along with the black body and maple fretboard, give it the look of a Clapton Blackie.

It has an excellent setup and a quality tone on all pickup combinations. On the up side, they body is more free to vibrate and they can have excellent acoustic properties, including better sustain.

Includes Fender tweed case. Nut has been changed to a Graphtec graphite nut, which reduces friction and helps maintain tuning stability. Lastly, the back of the neck has been sanded down, with the poly finish removed. One of the first signs of wear on these guitars is Lace Sensor lettering wearing off - these are like new shown here.

As new - virtually unplayed. This guitar has the mojo everyone looks for in a vintage Tele and one or two stories to tell. With the small headstock, it has the look of an '82 "Smith" Strat.

This is the era with the thick clear coat under the finish, with a thin painted coat, so it's worn through around the edge a bit, primarily where the forearm comes over the top. Includes an equally clean "Plus" case with luggage latches, as well as guitar manual and spec book, tremsettermanual, and LSR nut manual, Fender strap, hang tags, warranty booklet, all wrenches, trem arm, and Schaller strap locks.

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