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As my collection grew I started to photograph it, for reference mainly, but also so that I didn't make the mistake of buying a car that I already owned. By the end of this video, you'll have everything you need to understand, teach, and install a run-heavy attack that will keep your opponents on their heels! Learn how to run the football versus any defense despite potential differences in talent.

The Slot-T is a team-oriented schematic structure that emphasizes team football as opposed to one or two players being asked to make all of the plays. Installing a Progression in the Power Series Coach Herman runs through the base formation, alignments, gap numbering system, ideal personnel types for each position, and play calling methodology so that you can immediately implement this scheme into your offense.

These slots can therefore only and exclusively be played at the specific casino or casinos owned by the operator. With its simplicity and aggressive nature, this offense is sure to frustrate and tire out a defense while putting points on the board. Formations and Terminology The video are the basic formation, line splits, and attributes Coach Herman would like to see in each position on offense.

You'll learn the specifics of four base plays: Some are battered and bruised after a lifetime of use and may no longer be entirely original.

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Coach Herman diagrams each play before going over responsibilities of every play. Simple formations and motions add flexibility to the offense. Because, there are many helpful features on offer, the first of which is delivered by the stacked totem pole symbols, which turn into wild icons whenever they appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. Backfield action tenamp slot the appearance of a triple option play.

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Over the next few years I'd save my pocket and paper-round money until I had enough for a trip to my local model shop, where I'd look excitedly at the small selection of Scalextric cars for sale. The offense uses a strong side and a quick side. With a philosophy of "run to win," he explains how the Slot-T is a great equalizer and will allow you to win games you shouldn't and compete when you are clearly outmatched.

For other use, please ask first. You can see all of the line bet multiplier prizes in the paytable below: This site is a work in progress, with new photos being added as and when I find time to take them, either of the newest slot car releases or better photographs of my existing collection of cars.

With easy-to-learn formations and terminology, a team-oriented schematic structure, and detailed personnel and practice format breakdowns, Coach Herman provides all the tools needed to install this effective offense. Show More Games Netent Video Slots Because of the popularity of video slots in online casinos, NetEnt have developed an extended collection of these games.

Coach Herman dives into specific detail about his Power Series. In many cases we're provided with little more than one grainy photograph on which to base our buying decision, eBay in particular being a minefield of terrible photography, wildly optimistic descriptions and unscrupulous sellers.

Brian Herman describes the Power Series of plays that he has run with great success. Please see our Privacy and Cookies Policy. Brian Herman's Slot-T offense is the perfect answer for coaches who lack the personnel needed to run the up-tempo spread offense, and will present numerous challenges to more modern defenses that typically do not see this style of offense all season.

Finally, game footage is used to reinforce techniques, highlight in-game adjustments, and clarify points that were covered on the whiteboard.

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Simple formations and motions add flexibility to the offense. It's difficult to prepare for since very few teams run this style of offense. The A Right formation is the base alignment for the Slot-T.

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See how players line up in four-point stances and use angle blocking to maximize "get off" on the snap to defeat larger, more talented teams. He utilizes play diagrams, schematics and video cut-ups to introduce the basics of this offense.

Coach Herman uses a multimedia presentation including game video to demonstrate the three base plays and play action pass of the Power Series. In I bought a yellow Ninco Ferrari F50, which opened the floodgates.

Players can choose to play with anywhere between 1 single payline and all 20 paylines with the following wagering options: Blue sapphires offer 30x the total bet value, green emeralds give 60x, red rubies pay x and white diamonds offer x.

Blocking rules for each position and each play are taught before game video is shown of each play. Coach Herman provides an excellent foundation for running the Slot-T offense.

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Win the Progressive Jackpot The only other bonus symbol is depicted by a glowing pot of gold, and it holds the potential to offer some golden wins indeed! Misdirection backfield action on every play causes defenses to play slow as they try to diagnose which player has the ball and where it's going.

With a philosophy of "run to win," Coach Herman illustrates step-by-step how the Slot-T offense is a great equalizer that will allow you tenamp slot win games you shouldn't and compete when you are clearly outmatched. Recent additions to the photo gallery I've been collecting and racing slot cars since when, as a young boy, I was given some tatty second-hand Scalextric track and four cars; a Ferraria Lotus 16 and two Formula Juniors.

So, with a top line bet multiplier prize of x, players can hope to win up to 10, credits in the base game. An intuitive defensive numbering system makes it easy for players to quickly identify and execute blocking responsibilities, regardless of where the defense aligns.

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In those days the choice was tiny, rarely more than ten cars, and tenamp slot collection remained small and exclusively devoted to the Scalextric brand. New Video Slots As mentioned above, NetEnt aim to release at least one completely new video slot every month — occasionally exceeding that quota. The Wins of the Wilderness All wins during the base game are given as multipliers to the value of the bets placed on the winning line.

If you wish to post them on a forum, please include a link back to this site. These days we've a huge choice of cars from a variety of manufacturers, but in many towns we've lost our toy and model shops, replaced instead by online retailers and eBay; very convenient, usually cheaper, but impersonal and risky, with no opportunity to examine our prospective purchases.

Maximizing Each Play Coach Herman explains his play-calling philosophy for each play in the Power Series to keep defenses guessing while putting your players in the best position to enjoy success.

It's an old-school style of football with an emphasis on running the football with a physical mindset. Detailed coaching points and rules are provided for every position on each play in the Power Series. The offensive line utilizes the rare tactic of flipping the offensive line, which allows for simplicity in blocking rules as one scheme can be used tenamp slot two plays.

For a start, it performed a lot better than any Scalextric car I owned had ever done and, as the purity of my previously Scalextric-only collection was now ruined, there was nothing preventing me from buying cars from other manufacturers. Please bear this in mind if using this site for reference. Master of Mystery that was developed exclusively for Sportingbet and video slots Dallas and H2Split that were both produced uniquely for the Unibet Group.

Backside linemen are assigned play-side blocking responsibilities, which allows you to gain a tenamp slot advantage on every run play.

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The information on this site is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Spartacus Gladiator of Rome Wild Wins and Free Spins Before we get into the prizes that this slot machine has to offer, we had better tell you about the various bonus features which will help you make the most of the spinning action.

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You will learn the formations, terminology, and play design that make this offense so easy to learn and also so effective. These new NetEnt video slots are announced on our website in our news section and all possible information about the upcoming game such as exact release date, preview footage, possible game play and special game features is subsequently published too.

Should players spin the reels of Totem Treasures to reveal any part of the stacked totem symbols on the first, third and fifth reels, then they will be awarded with 10 free spins. Coach Herman is methodical and thorough in his presentation of the Power Series. All emails include an unsubscribe link. The offense utilizes the rare tactic of flipping the offensive line, which simplifies what each player must know to execute.

On the day of the NetEnt video slot release, we provide our readers with all further relevant and potentially profitable info about accompanying bonuses and promotions that NetEnt Casinos run.

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By subscribing you are certifying that you are over 18 years of age. Tenamp slot play is used to establish the run and ensures a double team with your best blockers at the point of attack. Due to their popularity, NetEnt aim to release a decent selection of new branded slots every year.

Flipping the "strong tenamp slot and "quick side" linemen allow players to learn one set of rules for two different plays.

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Every car shown here is from my own collection.