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Put the sifter in the area below the waterwheel. If you're ever stuck, you can use hints to solve it. Turkey and the Vial of Beauty c. This gives you two gems.

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Click on the four outermost spaces. Use a key to open it and discover a gold branch. They both go on the side of the boat by the sale.

Use the chisel on the heart-shaped rock for a heart piece. Use the shell on the sand on the left, to uncover a knife. Put a minecart by the coal on the left.

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Use the knife on the covered statue to get Midas' daughter, Zoe. Egypt and the Heart of Midas b.

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If so, place items to get them out of your inventory. Put a minecart, the belt and the hook on the machine in the back.


In this case, the puzzle is using Samantha's scarf on the hole in the ground, which is to the left. Use the wheel crank on the hole in the ground, on the right, to open the exit.

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Put the lanyard on the cannon and click it to fire. Give a milkshake to the man in the blue suit for a briefcase.

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Use the red eyedropper on the bookcase. Click on all four spaces. Then, bring the queen piece down to the bottom.

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Use the key card on the door to open it. Use the two stars on the two statues to open the door. Screen 3 Puzzle 1: Use the lantern in the dark entryway for a red crescent.

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Use the pulley on the sunken tile for beads. Use the red eyedropper on the balloon, and use the blue eyedropper on the cat.

Look at the telescope. Use the forceps on the test tube to get a gold bug.

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Use the knife on the center of the rope to get an oil lamp. A list of them is on the bottom of the screen.

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Use the blue eyedropper on the lamp. Use the pistol on the powder to open the chest.

Click the four inner spaces. Use the fishing rod on the upper side of the cliff for a golden spoon. Then you're in luck!