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However, unlike our vertical passing game, we allow the linemen to cut the DL, helping to prevent them from getting their hands up and in passing lanes. The same read progression applies for running double speed ins.

We are able to run all quick routes in all formations, making us more difficult to defend.

This play however is what we call a full field combination. In our pass game, we primarily use combinations for each side of the formation. We still use our basic slide protection for these plays. He needs to keep the safety from jumping the intermediate crossing route.


He needs to clear out the corner for the other routes to have a chance. I personally am a big proponent of leading an offensive lineman around for the quarterback. Obviously, they do not need to hold their protection for a long period of time, but do need to open passing lanes and prevent balls from being batted down. Diagrammed below is how we run the bootleg when we are in a Trips Set.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, concerns or comments at email: This works very well against aggressive undisciplined ends.

The QB will read the guy covering the 2 receiver; if that defender covers 2, we throw the outside slant now. The number two receiver play side slot receiver needs to work inside to sell run action away.

In my opinion, a sound play-action passing game is a benefit to any offense. It is a bootleg to the left and the only difference is that the number two receiver in the combination is on the other side of the formation.

We can run this out of all 3 formations as well.

The final component of the quick passing game is the receivers. The concept of the play is simple and you can run multiple variations of the play without changing the core concepts.

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The outside receiver to the stick side will run a fade to occupy the corner. The bootleg compliments the zone read and tackle trap nicely. Once we start running the football effectively, obviously our play-action is much more effective. The arrow flat route works best with the stick play which I will diagram at the end.

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Slant Routes Again, we want the routes to be on different planes, so we run the inside speed in at 5 yards spread offense slot receiver the outside one at 6; since our slot receiver is lined up one a yard off the ball, they should both be turning their heads at the same time. We are a no-huddle team so we signal in a front side combination and a backside combination.

One of my favorite play-action looks in the spread offense is the bootleg. The number one receiver the outside receiver on the play side needs to get down the sideline and clear the corner. Should a DL deliberately choose to not rush the passer and is only worried about getting his hands up, we will work on legally striking him in the midsection so as to avoid having balls batted down.

When running double slants in a 2x2 set, each side will mirror each other and the QB should pick the side he likes most softest coverage, nearest alley defender. When running both of those plays in a 3x1 or empty set, we have the 3 receiver on the strong side run a seam route.

This has worked well for us and we always outnumber the defense in the box.

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This variation in the blocking scheme also works well if a defense is bringing a blitz off the edge. Second, the role of the Offensive Line in the quick passing game is crucial. After this starts to happen, it should be relayed to the quarterback to take a quick look at the number 1 receiver in this combination.

The last play I will discuss is the stick route. Should he expand out and 2 can beat him inside, we throw to 2 now. He must punch and break at a 45 degree angle. I use a rapid fire drill where I get 5 footballs and set up 5 receivers across the field, with our routes at designated positions and shotgun snap the ball to the QB, so he understands to just catch and spread offense slot receiver.

He needs to get across the field and end up at a depth of approximately yards. By utilizing a combination based passing game; you can certainly experiment around with the run action that you are faking.

He must create a wall on the first LB either head up or inside of him, to prevent the LB from covering. There are also situations where we use the RB to be part of the routes. In a 2x2 set, we run stick on one side and any of the route combinations I previously discussed on the other side.

We line him up on one side of the QB and call the slide to the side he is on, meaning that he must cross in front of the QB to pick up backside pressure. I will walk through the progression of the play assuming we have a right handed QB.

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Every receiver runs through 6 yards, turns around and should expect the ball to be on them. It is best to view the plays from the diagram at the bottom, but I will discuss the execution of each of the routes. What you should end up with is a flood look. We utilize the RB in the same way we do on double slants and speed ins with the cross action.

Gambling at moose lodge four the back side receiver needs to work to the middle of the field and attract the attention of the safety.

This is a great way to attack the back side of a trips formation. In general, when running the slant, we want the outside receiver to make his break after the 3rd step. He still needs to be in the flat so he needs to work a shallow crossing route.