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Artifact Authorization only affected leveling gear pre 50 or 55, not sure if this counted for 50 stuff or not. Unless it was for tionese stuff?

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Originally Posted by Slamuel It turns out I had already filled an implant spot. If people want to gear up for pve and want a set bonus, then they SHOULD be doing operations, or they should stick to gear dropped in flashpoints.

Synthweaving Gathering and Crafting skills are more closely related, the discoveries found during gathering tasks often being used in crafting tasks.

Donut yeah its BS prefs got fucked prtty ard my merc for example walking in full revanite gear cant use it anymore cause i have no artifect autho Holyfrog It has to be a bug. The comm system is silly, you can get endgame gear despite it being bad by never setting foot in an operation.

But to be fair, why should they be swtor implant slot out gear for free in the first place. The reason Force Power is still significant, is because of how much of it they have.

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In the SWTOR system, companions will have the ability to gather resources while a player is in combat, as well as craft items at a player's ship while the player is engaged in other quests or even offline and they can take the materials needed straight from the cargo hold when doing so.

In addition, companion characters can undertake their own missions. Something may have broken. Force Power scales up with weapon damage, so higher the weapon damage, the higher the Force Power found in that weapon. Copy this signature if you believe Timothy Zahn should take over the EU.

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You may choose to use your skill slots in any combination, but only one Crafting Skill may be selected to master. Because I am not going to be a weakling just because I am forced to use bad gear.

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Each of the Crew Skills can be learned by your companions. Like weapons, for example. Or just buy one on the GTN. I think the current setup is just fine.

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Companions will have a bonus to their craftingmission, and gathering Crew Skills. These bonuses come as benfits to either Efficiency or Critical: It is the biggest stat in the weapons.

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KShrike Perhaps it would be cool to reorganize the guides too. It is found in non-weapon offhands also for class balance reasons to give people who use these equal stats to what dual wielders would get. Affection effects a companions ability to perform crew skills, and can be gained through conversations with a companion present or by giving a companion gifts. Secundum Dulfy, you have Sword Squadron listed as a single boss operation.

I might as well not play until they return it to how it was before. It used to be that if you had artifact gear and then went pref you could still use that gear. And it's not just that the numbers based on a pure guess are way off, but the whole concept you are trying to suggest is wrong.

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Is that a typo and supposed to say Colossal Monolith? You do the ops for the comms to buy the gear.

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Were you around during the lvl 50 days? Can you fill both with the same thing?

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It is there for class balance reasons so that classes and specs who swtor implant slot a lot on use of abilities that do not scale with weapon damage would still get similar dps upgrade from better weapons as those that use mostly abilities that do weapon damage.

That would be stupid. Tundord were you around lvl50 days?

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