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They used to give ALOT of homework. VMCians are much more open minded, they solve problems from very basic and have better feel.


We were given 2 modules at first. Fast forward to the admission test day. I would be happy to help… Advertisements. But the more important thing is before you go for a class you should study beforehand.

Things got little loose and got flexible.

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Shobit Bhaiya was our mentor, head of the center and a really friendly vidyamandir classes slots. They gave us the other 3 MathGenii modules too and we had the option to appear in the MathGenii tests too. It depends on many factors.

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If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment. So, which is better?

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They sent me two modules they like to call their study material modules via courier. There is no answer to that.

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Staff or Teachers were OK. It is no point that you go to a class without studying.

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Sandeep Bhaiya is the coordinator there. So after about 7 months, so far we have completed 3 chapters in Physics, 3 in chemistry and 2 in maths. I reached the Pitampura Centre and the centre was amazing. Different marking scheme both the times.

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We had to copy our lectures times and do all modules 2 times. But nothing beats the class notes of VMC.

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Anyway the first class was on 7th of May and via SMS they sent me on my roll number and batch. I preferred the way VMC taught. Paper was Maths only.

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There was negative marking too so I had to be careful. The classes are very interesting. Anyway, I passed the Admission Test and was in the range of top Then my next 2 classes were taken by Shubham Bhaiya. The first class was on Quadratic Equations and it was taken by Vivek Bhaiya. We went to VMC to learn how to self study.

Some stuff about random things that interest me.

It was a good paper. At first VMC got on our nerves. The classes are generally 3 hours long.

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They tried to help each and every lower batch member as well. We had about 2 class tests in total which were kinda informal and one 3. I am not expecting that many people reading this post, are really interested in Classroom Conditions.

Not just the students of top batches.

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PhDs are mostly annoying because they always take the questions or doubts to a different level, which is not at all required. Well, to most people Teaching Conditions might not matter. But what they were trying to do what, making us used to lot of writing. I went through this race, and i believe i have somethings to share with future aspirants.

VMC teachers just kept pushing everyone.

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The best thing about Vidyamandir Classes are the Teachers. And VMC emphasizes a lot on self-study. I know this is a bit too late.