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Most of this was done via the internet- finding companies or organizations and contacting them to arouse interest in the event. There is also a brand new bar area which offers drink specials on event nights.

The first step is to insert a picture of the event on the front of the mailer. Tina Turner was scheduled to perform during her Twenty Four Seven Tour on December 2,with Joe Cocker as her opening act, but the show was cancelled.

Those who have purchased a CLUB membership package have the benefits of an exclusive entrance to the venue, reserved parking, reserved table with bottle service, in-seat service during events, valley view casino center seating l23 much more.

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I was responsible for posting free advertising information on websites, newsletters, meet-ups, and other similar sites. For example, for the Strikeforce UFC Fighting event, I had to ensure that all four fighters were equally represented on the postcard as was required by their contracts. To compensate for this blow to local prestige, then-mayor and future California governor Pete Wilson gave San Diego the by-name of "America's Finest City", [13] which is still the city's official moniker.

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Nirvana performed during their In Utero tour on December 29, The CLUB was completely renovated. Madonna played a date here on October 29,during her Rebel Heart Tour. In the latter year and untiliPayOne, a real estate savings company based in Carlsbad, Californiaheld the arena's naming rights. The Valley View Casino Center is a multi-purpose facility showcasing sports events, concerts, family shows, and many other events.

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Nine years later, Clapton released the audio recording of the show in honor of Cale who died in on the live album Live in San Diego. To create a direct-mail marketing campaign the first step was to hone in on our target market.

These potential clients were contacted through email, telephone, and regular post-mail. Muse played a date here on January 7,on their Drones World Tour. A world-class artist was hired to paint pictures of the big-name artists who have performed at the Center in the past, including the Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake, and Aerosmith, to name a few.

Elvis played the International Sports arena twice: The German heavy metal rock group, The Scorpions performed there during their World Wide live tour. Once the mailer was completed, we would print them in-house on colored card stock and cut them in half these are always produced as half-page mailers. These mailers were used exclusively for the Group Sales kathmandu slots. Some of the skills I gained from this course were how to speak in public, including the use of annotation and filler words.

The Boston Bruinswhose home ice was of the same dimensions, used the San Diego Gulls as a farm team in the s and s.

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The name was later renamed the "San Diego Sports Arena", which it kept until In this course I learned how to use Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel, which were both used to create the direct-mailers.

Coghlan's time for the race is still the world record for the indoor mile.

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For the success of these campaigns, it was essential that the mailers be delivered to our target market and not wasted on people who were not interested. The full concert was released in as part of the Stages box set. It was crucial to triple check all information so as to ensure no pricing mistakes were made.

As a result, the name was changed back to the San Diego Sports Arena. Each mailer includes special discount SuperGroup codes which can be entered online at TicketMaster. Now dubbed the Valley View Casino Center, this arena continues to be one of the top names in entertainment. Because these were typically night events, with alcohol involved, it was pertinent to maintain my authority as a representative of the Center.


The show was recorded and later released as a live album, entitled Intermission. In addition, iPayOne appears to be halting operations and is accepting no new listings.

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I also worked at Employee Vendor Fairs to promote any upcoming events at the Center. This allowed me to grab their attention at the beginning of the conversation, which hopefully would lead to ticket purchases later on.

Jimi Hendrix recorded his minute jam version of " Red House " here, on May 24, I designed fliers and assisted in administering and creating email and direct marketing campaigns. Diana Ross was scheduled to perform during her Return to Love Tour on August 2,but the show was cancelled, due to low ticket sales.

In this case, I would search companies that fell into our target market via the internet and acquire their contact information.

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Dio performed during their Sacred Heart Tour on December 6, A photo of his crossing the finish line appeared around the world including the cover of Sports Illustrated. I updated the company profiles on various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Often times, these codes only apply to groups of ten or more. Unfortunately, the Valley View Casino Center table lacked these items.

Due to the wide variety of events at the Center, this market was constantly changing. I knew how to sell not only the events but also the company as a whole. For the order form on the back, I had to contact TicketMaster. Although I am a woman, I had to make sure that I was taken seriously. A major roadblock was the confusion caused with the recent name change- many old customers had incorrectly assumed that the Sports Arena had converted into a casino, which is not the case.

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The attendance was 14, in and 17, in On the other hand, the Strikeforce event had a core demographic of men between years old. Van Halen played two sold-out shows on May 20th and 21st on their Tourtwo sold-out shows on their Tour on June 28 and 29,a sold-out show on their OU tour on November 19,two sold-out shows on their For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Tour on May 1 and 3,and a sold-out show on their The Balance "Ambulance" Tour on April 2, Once I understood the core demographic who had bought tickets for this event in the past, it was much easier to find prospective clients.

The CLUB is often open to the public, however it can be rented out by companies or organizations for special events.

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It was essential to read the employee to try and determine which events would most interest them. There are many vendors at these fairs, most featuring giveaways such as TVs, food, pens, or clothing. The packet also had order forms which the employees could mail in if they wished to purchase tickets.

My Advertising course also helped me to win people over. ABBA played here during their world tour. The packets include fliers for many of our upcoming shows, as well as an advertisement in the back promoting CLUB This has improved my ability for public speaking, and also helped me to come out of my shell a little bit. These are half-page post cards featuring an advertisement for the event on the front, with an order form to order tickets on the back.

PLATINUM COMEDY TOUR featuring Mike Epps, Tony Rock, Sommore, Bruce Bruce and Earthquake

Heart performed here on August 24, It is simply an informational piece informing the reader about the CLUB and giving details on attaining membership. To create these mailers I employed the use of Microsoft Word. For example, the Sesame Street Live event draws in a market of families with very young children.