Slot counter. SLOT CAR TUNING TIPS By Athina Zarkada and Jim McLaughlin

After glues sets gently turn the axle to make sure it's free turning. Motor and motor mounts where applicable should be glued in; I like RTV because it is a vibration suppressant and can be removed easily if a motor change is required.

Tire rubbing is also a possibility. Additionally, the drive train will be noisy and there will be additional friction present. After this run in period you can still race tune the chassis. Car manufacturers will typically err to the high side on the cars height. What are you looking for?

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Well, this is uncommon in most cases but there are a couple of things to look at if you have a problem like this. Your choices in this case are simple, either add more magnet to raise this limit higher this won't fix the problem or work toward lowering the CGfirst by adding weight Setting the Vertical Center of Gravity and second by balancing it with magnets and tire selection Slot counter Tuning Section.

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Any modifying of outer body parts such as wheel wells is usually considered illegal at most organized races. What should be done first is to figure out if it's a chassis, body, or chassis to body problem. Take a small screw driver and put it under the guide in the slot and see if you can depress the guide any up into the chassis.

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Get the most out of one area first then go to the next and so on. One note of caution here: Check that it is clean and serviceable. Braids should be cut to the same length as the guide and "combed" to provide a spread out configuration, slightly bend down at the end.

If it works for you, do it. Special note should be taken on front solid axle cars that when one wheel is pushed up into the body it does not bind with any body part.

After you've completed the gluing procedure you should check the wheel alignment and balance again and correct any deficiencies caused by the gluing. By eliminating the flex you solve the problem.

This usually happens at the motor connection and can be spotted by looking for broken strands at the solder joint.

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This will prevent them from cracking and the wheel separating under racing conditions. If you are using Slotit pinions they are usually noisy in this way because of their design to get different amounts of teeth into the same diameter gear.

There are also sections on race tuning, repair and a couple of other items that slot counter be of interest. If you note a problem not identified in the first part of this article check the other sections for possible solutions. Make notes for repair at the applicable time.

Short of taking the motor apart to clean the comutator the only t5600 memory slots you can do is to try soaking the comutator end of the motor in alcohol or lighter fluid to break the oil down.

I also add a small drop of super glue to the spur gear to axle joint to reinforce this joint. Make sure the gears are meshing correctly and that the bushings are not turning in their carriers. Usually manufacturers mold quite a bit of extra plastic into the interior pod to allow other details such as fuel fillers, radiators, etc.

If the car is not new, check for arcing between the spring contacts and the braid.

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The adhesive tape used is 3M vhb FPC. Out of round wheels are not uncommon on some of cars and other than replacement the only thing you can do is try to remove some of the imbalance when sanding the tires. There are tracks over 30 years old which do not seem to have suffered from not having the slot sealed.

It is probably better to spin balance the rear wheel assemblies after gluing.

The things we suggest are only items that we have personally tried and that work for us. You may want to reinforce the outside of the guide holder assembly with a glued piece of plastic tubing.

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What we have tried to do in this article is provide a good basic reference checklist that can be used to prepare these cars. This is usually caused by the cars rear tires transitioning from the plastic track to the metal rails and back to the plastic track as the car drifts. This could still be a type of track problem so eliminate that first by cleaning and repairing as necessary.

How can this happen with a system that uses an auto align feature on the crown gear? Brush painting does not require any masking, spray painting most definitely requires masking and rollers probably need masking. Consideration should be given to upgrading to hardened steel replacements especially on the rear assembly.

There are several ways to improve the situation.

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On the body first take it and shake it thoroughly to see if any parts are loose See Body section. The tape comes in various widths, Barnton used 6mm wide tape.

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Thanks to Pat Skene of Ecurie Barnton club for the photos and information. A third simple method which works on most of the guides is to take one or two flat washers 3mm inside diameter and press fit them on top of the post.

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STOP at that point or you will grind through and remove a layer of finger. Always lay it under tension.

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If your budget permits these are good upgrades. This process entails axle swapping. When done correctly these o-rings look like tire mold residue.

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On some occasions different tire compounds will help also. The problem is still there but the gear wear issue disappears.

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These tires may also help the car maintain speed in the turns and reduce de-slots on cars where the front wheel assembly, rather than the guide shoe, supports any of the front end weight. Warped chassis and bodies can usually be fixed by running hot water over the warped component and gently bending into shape.

These items have a habit of failing at the most inopportune time and could cost you a race win so take that junk off. This should be cleaned thoroughly afterwards with water and alcohol. Avoid places where the cars are likely to fall out, e.

Make sure that the guide turns freely with the motor wires connected step 3e. Check that the guide brushes are making proper contact with the track rails and that the guide is seated properly in the slot with the front wheels just barely touching the track surface. Let the glue set up and this should be all you need. By using the capacitor mod in the Electrical Mods Section of this article you can reduce the effect of improper guide braid to rail contact.