Big split rock slot canyon. Geo's Journal: Big Split Rock Slot Canyon Walkabout

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I hope next time big split rock slot canyon guys will act more like kids, just because you body doesn't bend the same as it used Gets tiring after awhile. Oops, another boulder that has fallen. Yes It was when we had to crawl as well that we turned back.

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He has not enjoyed desert hiking that much because of the lack of shade. Back in the main canyon Gizmo was prancing like a puppy when we headed back to the car.

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Some of us didn't go all the way in to some of these tight spots. The online article we read said it could be difficult for big dogs to negotiate the slots but small active dogs would have a blast. I can't tell you what the girls named this one! Today we drove back out to the Painted Canyon in the Mecca Hills. That combined with soft beach like sand between his toes and shade provided by the canyon walls made a great off leash hike for him.

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This is one of the best hikes he has had since we left home. Only one brave soul climbed up to see if we could make it A fun adventure, especially for kids, this hike includes perhaps the longest slot canyon in the desert, accented at the end by a huge split mountain only several feet wide that hikers nimbly negotiate in order to see a San Andreas Fault fracture up close and personal.

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We passed a small canyon to our left that we decided we could explore on our return trip. The trail here roulette russa online gratis under a huge overhang.

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Had to watch your footing Haven't put my gloves on yet He is used to hiking in the woods in New England where you typically only get exposure to direct sunlight at the top. Our guide, Paul, warned us all to bring gloves and wear long sleeves Lots of interesting rock formations like this one I called "Iguana Rock".

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We are returning to this area next week to explore the canyon to the right. Now we're getting back into it We are not sure we actually found it, but we think we did.

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It is great to have a place big split rock slot canyon than 1-hour from our campground where Gizmo can enjoy being outside, off leash, and hike with a bit of shade. Not as difficult as some previous hikes, but had to be helped up in a few places.

Off to another canyon Some more great shots of the upper canyon. Ended up at this tall, rocky, dry fall Take the canyon to the left. Some places a few got a hand up Tight enough?

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Someone said they could see light at the end of the tunnel though. The fault goes through here and helped create the Painted Canyon.

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This area is dog friendly and has no ladders so we figured it would be a good outing for Gizmo. Gizmo had a blast here. The picture below is of the overhang's ceiling.

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I'm always looking up. We spent about 1-hour exploring this and one small side canyon off this one.

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I never believe the book.