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The records and secrets of the generational Illuminati bloodlines are very-well guarded secrets. To provide my sources would double the size of the book, and many of them are confidential. Undoubtedly, other porn training films exist too.

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We must be strong enough to face evil and not shy away from it. This is the only way it can be used and technically correct, because as of this date, the authors have not seen who is on the active Monarch Program list of slaves.

Both Fritz and Cisco bring years of experience in dealing with Monarch programming to bear on the writing of this book. Delta teams are 4 person assassination teams which usually are secret teams. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest.

Because the authors know what the programmers do, they must honestly record several areas of programming that will be controversial.

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However, this book uses the term generically to include all victims who have suffered this type of trauma-based mind-control. Rather than fighting the government for scraps of declassified documents which have had their secrets marked out, and which may even be fake documents manufactured by the CIA, I have decided that there is a much better approach to expose the Monarch Mind Control to the world.

Their biggest damage control campaign has enlisted the power of Hollywood and the controlled Media. He is calling people casino saga app ipad serve others, because God knows that you will never find happiness in selfishness.

Under the auspices of the Kaiser Wilhelm Medical Institute in Berlin, Joseph Mengele conducted mind-control research on thousands of twins, and thousands of other hapless victims. Also according to reliable inside sources the CIA is working night and day to remake old records, to expunge all the real dirty secrets from their records.

The programmers are very much into demonology. That work needs to go forward.

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If a person could never go to Nepal, he can see pictures of it and believe it exists. The blessings that flow from planting the information of this book in your mind, will require the presence of living waters of love. Important Explanation of Contents A successful treasure hunter of the sea said, "You have to convince others of what you are looking for, and be incredibly persistent in looking for it.

This book is written for ministers, secular and Christian therapists, and truth lovers of all kinds. If cancellation of a guaranteed reservation is not received by the required date, we will charge for one night's accommodation. We are an alcohol free establishment.

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Paper trails were not left or are not available. In the s, the Germans also were aware that the human mind has a variety of ego-psycho-psysiological states rather than one unified mind, which they termed "Sub jecklose Psychologie" or the psychology of having correlated psychological states rather than the concept of a single ego.

This book is about how the Occult Network creates the problem that therapists and a few ministers try to deal with. SRA is not a value judgement by the authors against some group, the victims themselves on some level know that he or she is being abused. A typical main Mengele-created grid would be a grid of 13x13 principal A-coded alters, which is principle alter personalities.

Offers & Agenda:

The programmers will give an alter a history, and insure that shadow alters will provide a full range of accessible emotions. The groups which make decisions to control this planet are networked together. It will challenge you, shock you, horrify you and hopefully motivate you to redouble your efforts to humble yourself and seek strength from God Almighty.

The smokescreens of controversy will continue; but those who love the truth, if they seek it, will realize the importance of this book. Paul in his letter to the Thessalonians 1 Thes 5: If you love the truth this book is for you.

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It all depends on its programming. This book tends to devote more emphasis to Illuminati programming, which is the highest level of programming. Insiders call themselves the "network" and "the neighborhood". These sexual slaves will develop sexual abilities that are far beyond what the public is aware is even possible.

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Some have even gone so far as to claim this author is not a Christian because the content of the books is so heavy. Switching--This is when one part fragment of the mind takes over from another, or in simple terms, this is when one alter personality or alter fragment takes the body from the alter which is holding the body.

It has become a favorite word to use in naming things for the occult elite. Ancient and more recent secrets will no longer extra dog slot mod not working secrets.

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So it is with brainwashing The primitive part of the brain is involved in this type of programming. In 2 TIM 2: