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With the demonstration complete, Tarkin congratulates Krennic but promptly uses Rook's defection from Galen Erso's Imperial facility on Eadu and the security leak on Jedha under Krennic's command as a pretext to take control over the project.

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After fighting off the Imperial troopers, the convoy returns to Tythoni Square where the uprising had taken place. Receiving the message, General Draven is dumbfounded by the destruction of Jedha City but advises Andor to keep to the plan of killing Galen. Krennic and Tarkin look on as Jedha City is destroyed. The film's score is composed by Michael Giacchinomarking the first live-action film in the Star Wars canon to not be scored by John Williams.

The entire convoy is in shock concerning Jedha's destruction, and a troubled Chirrut begs Baze to describe the extent of the destruction. On the bridge of the Executrix, Governor Protagonista 21 black jack monitors construction roulette selection the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Death Star.

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Jyn's imprisonment Thirteen years lateran adult Jyn Erso, under the alias of Liana Halik, has been imprisoned in the Detention center on Wobani sharing a cell with Oolin Musters. However, before the hologram can finish, the Death Star fires on the moon should gambling be legalized in india gd chaos ensues.

Saw Gerrera is surprised to see Jyn, having parted ways with her years before. Refusing to believe that Jyn no longer cares top casino no deposit the Rebel cause, Gerrera offers to show her something that he feels will change her mind. After persuasion from Andor, Tivik reveals that the weapon is a "planet killer" and that Rook is telling people that Galen Erso, an old friend of Saw Gerrera's, sent him.

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The mass exodus of the catacombs begins, and those who exit look on in horror as they see Jedha's surface beginning to peel back destroy everything in its path. Gerrera is still wary that the pilot's message and Jyn's return is simply a trap but when Jyn explains her intentions of finding Galen he becomes more comfortable.

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Cassian quickly hot-wires the cell door and he, Chirrut and Baze escape captivity. Galen also reveals that he covertly compromised the Death Star's design by including a subtle vulnerability in its reactor that can be used to destroy it.

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Rook finds Gerrera's hideout on Jedha but Gerrera's Partisan soldiers, including Benthicare distrustful of Rook's intentions and capture him. He tells her that the structural plans are at an Imperial high-security data bank on the planet Scarif. The convoy looks on in horror at the destruction outside as K-2SO and Cassian pilot the U-Wing, fleeing the destruction that threatens to overtake them.

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A Star Wars Story," an all-new epic adventure. An urgent message "I need to speak to Saw Gerrera The droid tries to play along ibm x3550 m4 memory slots the disguise is foiled.

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That's what he called it.