Gibson eb3 slot head. Gibson Bass Catalogue

The refinish will be in a cherry red.

This guitar turned out beautifully and returned home with a very satisfied customer!! Please contact us by phone at or at the contact us page of this site. The one thing I like is one volume knob. Pickup blend control chicken-headed knob blends the middle pickup with either the bridge or neck pickup, depending on which one is selected it came with Schaller tuners, don't know how original those are - the bridge it came with is a badass, I left both of these intact.

I played an Epiphone one they got me one; It was a black one, it played pretty good, but the sound was I left the pickup in and have a switch to choose either it or the ZBS pickup made by Bartolini - discontinued now, I think in the bridge. I gave it to Flea, and ten years ago when he was moving between houses, someone broke into his storage shed and stole it. Jazz basses are excellent candidates for fretless conversions!

I just turned that into a blend thing.

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This is also the last US catalogue appearance of the EB2 bass. I like the small headstock. He had traded Bruce a Chapman stick for it! When the bridge was replaced, a new saddle was crafted from buffalo bone and installed.

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Why'd they do that? The final veneer came from Rolls Royce and is part of the dashboard. One other bass appears in this series, although it is in the Les Paul brochurerather than the Bass brochure - the Gibson Les Paul bass The Gibson bass guitar catalogue featured the following guitars.

After applying the bridge the set up will be done. I also like the way the body sits on you. He slept well that night. Mike Watt Either that or they go for the Alembic sound, which sound like pianos.

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This earlier picture shows the bass still with original Gibson bridge pickup. There's a character I get from my Thunderbird and EB-3s. The pick guard has been replaced with a hummingbird copy and finally the guitar was re-strung and set up.

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I put in a Bartolini musicman type humbucker added to where a p-bass would have its pickup. Other photos show the inside of the heel and the clamp holding the neck to the body. Something about it, but they sound bad.

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So the cut outs there, makes it easy to finger the neck up there really well. The first photo shows the patch that was placed inside the guitar, while the second is of the wood being replaced from the outside.

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The Eagle was created by artist Chris Swanberg and is wood burned into the back of the body. Not many people have tried mahogany with basses. Contrast this to the very top image with the Stooges where this has been removed in favour of the Bartolini pickup in the mid-position, and current image, above where the neck pickup has been removed in favour of a Lane Poor at the bridge.

In position 3 the middle is on by itself.

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FlyGuitars I think that was the Choke? The mini-catalogues were printed in early-mid I left that with the Stooges when I was touring in November and December, So when I was flying back and forth I gibson eb3 slot head not have to bring the bass. I saw pictures of Jack Bruce where he had two neck pickups. This could perhaps be considered as a precursor to the Gibson SB bass range. There's something about mahogany, there's a warm roundness, maybe not as much definition as a maple neck.

Man those had no intonation. Martin Acoustic - Repair Body Damage This is a Martin that was dropped from the stage and hit the sound equipment on the way down. You don't have this big horn and oh man, it's light, not just the neck but the smallness of the body kinda helps me too.

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FlyGuitars It has a vibe totally unlike any other bass. In position 2 the bridge and middle are on and neck can be blended in yielding all three PUPs at once.

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I love it and the Stooges love me playing it. Photos show the original bridge, after it has been milled and how it must be separated from the rough stock. Parent company CMI had been bought out, and was now run by Norlin.

Currently the neck has been removed and repairs done to cracks in the head stock. More from Larry about the switching and electronics: Wooden Wizard Guitars - Custom 5 String Bass This custom 5 string bass started with a Warmoth Jazz body in swamp ash and will undergo reshaping, a custom bridge, routing for 3 JBE pickups with a 5-way blade switch wired master volume, master tone and blend and a finished All Parts 5-string maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and added abalone inlays.

It sports a tobacco sunburst in lacquer. It will feature a mahogany body and active pickups. Mike Watt right and then the hole where the neck pickup was, my fingers kept on getting stuck there so I put a metal plate over it, laughs O. Pickups will be Kent Armstrong soap bars and run entirely passive.

All hardware was custom built for this bass including the bridge and jack cup. An ivory nut and Hipshot tuners round off this beautiful bass. This gives nine distinct sounds with variations depending how you blend the PUPs together.

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The headstock has never been broken! P90's were chosen by the customer for a more traditional LP style sound.