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Madagascar Vanilla extract, almond flavoring, and authentic organic Cocoa Nibs are added in. Made even blacker with food coloring.

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Mini peanut butter filled chocolate cups are added. And we colored it green. Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, and Pecans.

Serious Chocolate Addiction- Chocolate Chocolate Thunder ice cream with chocolate chunks added and fudge rippled throughout. Turtle Candy- Rich milk chocolate ice cream with caramel swirl and toasted pecans. White and milk chocolate chips are added throughout.

Nutella- African Vanilla ice cream mixed with Nutella. Finished Second at the tasting event! This flavor idea came in to our website from David Garner. Chocolate Chip- Vanilla ice cream with scoops of bittersweet chocolate chips.

Vanilla Bean- Vanilla ice cream dusted with real vanilla bean specs. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup- Chocolate casino of dreams free spins cream swirled with peanut butter. Made for Browseabout Books when the Twilight novel debuted.

Heinie Hurtn' Hot Sauce and Campbell's tomato juice.


Aileen brought this flavor back from her internship in London! A dog biscuit can go on top of every cone, but this ice cream is great for humans too. A real fig newton cookie is placed on top slot race shop nl every cone.

What Would Jimmy Buffett Do? We also made it a little green. The recipe won a national award for an ice cream store in Detroit! We made this historic flavor on the History TV Channel! Mango Sorbet- Completely dairy free, mango fruit flavored great for smoothies!

Featured and tasted on the Today Show. Orange Blossom Honey is made by a colony of bees that are placed in the orange groves in Florida, making this honey especially thick and juicy, with an explosion of citrus flavor.

Orange Blossom honey added in. Second place winner of the Ice Cream Social! Raspberry Sorbet- Dairy free, so that customers that are lactose intolerant will love it. Milk Chocolate ice cream blended with dark chocolate, white chocolate, fudge and strong African vanilla extract.

The Acai also known as Jussara is considered an anti-oxidant and an energizer. Please be as detailed as possible! Pineapple chunks and Pistachio nuts are added. It really does pop in your mouth! The Acai ice cream is mixed with banana puree. Lucky Charms- African vanilla ice cream with tons of the little freeze dried marshmallows made famous in Lucky Charms cereal.

Won second place ribbon at the Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival. And, if you wish, it is topped with a 'real' worm snack. You MUST sign a waiver before you can even taste this flavor! Pomegranates are high in Vitamins A, C and E and are great sources of flavonoids and anti-oxidants. Winner of the Ice Cream Social. A true, real strawberry concept!

With butterscotch swirled throughout. The Hearn family has been in the food service business continuously in Delaware since This Ish is Off the Hook! I Don't Give a Fork- African vanilla ice cream with brownie pieces, pretzel pieces, crushed Oreo cookies, cookie dough, and mini chocolate chips.

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We do not add the eggs and we fully mix the product first, so there is not a hint of gritty taste. Sweet Cream ice cream made with juice from sugared strawberries.

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Peeps- African Vanilla ice cream colored bright yellow. Do the dance with Pam. Only or so flavors will fit in the store at once including Homemade and Regular so it is not guaranteed that your favorite will be in stock when you stop in! Ribbon winner at the and Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival. Real vanilla bean flakes are also added to the mix.

The recipe originated in New Orleans with Tracey Alvarez. The recipe originated at an ice cream store in Boston.

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The recipe originated at an ice cream store in Nashville, Tennessee. Chocolate covered raisins and rum soaked raisins are added to the ice cream. Made with extra pasteurized egg yolks. Be ready to add sushi grade seaweed to the top of the cone. Pieces of actual Black jack ice cream candy running all through the ice cream.

Columbian Coffee- Robust coffee ice cream made with special columbian coffee. Rainbow "crazy" Vanilla- Vanilla ice cream, colored pink, blue, and yellow, with bits of vanilla beans. A plastic fork is placed on top of every cone to make it easier to eat!