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For those who haven't read one of my recent trip reports where I talk about Uber I'm still using it and preferring it to taking a taxi.

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Grand Marner Souffle with vanilla gelato. All of us hit it off so well we are currently working to schedule a trip together early next year, in the meantime, we keep in touch on Facebook and in emails.

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Boots, Jonny and Mark, unfortunately were also losing. A couple nice wins on The Walking Dead game.

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Sadly this was our last night together and we soon said goodnight and headed off to get some sleep, or at least I did. However, I did earn enough Identity points to participant in the new Cosmo daily tournament. Skyler cheered us on as Boots, me, Jonny and Mark did a little high limit pull.

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Yes, it's not that long a ride from the airport to Cosmo but we had time to chat about his family and my blog and youtube channel while waiting for my luggage. I usually ask them to make it extra spicy!

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Miss you and will see you soon. Banana creme pie parfait was delicious! Short Rib Mac and Cheese really good!

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It's going to be a busy trip with lots of people I know in town. This HL pull was organized on the Vegas Fanatics message board and it was fun!

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Thanks guys we love both the chocolate and mugs. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all. After dinner it was back to the casino to meet up with Jason shortbread casino had checked in while we were finishing dinner!

Boots had arrived a day earlier then me and I quickly met up with closest casino to victorville california and then we both met up with Jonny, and Mark.

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I forget what the amuse was below. Boots and myself at Cosmopolitan, along with Jonny and Mark, with Jason arriving and staying at Cosmo too the last night of our trip.

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What a great group we had for this HL pull! Skyler and Jonny, like at first sight!

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Latest update is Jonny still doesn't enjoy seafood. After the tournament, I went back to my room to sulk about my losses and change for dinner.

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After dinner we hung out at Venetian for 30 minutes, long enough for Jonny to get a bonus on Buffalo Grand, myself on Top Gun and Skyler to have some fun on Sphinx 3d! Of course if you don't want to share they shortbread casino make you. Boots and I had a blast playing the new Plants vs Zombies game.

Skyler stayed at Ballys.

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