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Jacks or Better also offers the simplest pay table you'll find in video poker, making it a very friendly game for beginners. You'll be getting 3 new cards in your hand.

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Deuces Wild All deuces are wild in this variant, making it easier to form big payouts. The top features a large display showing your current multiplier.

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Some versions only have one hand, while others are triple or 5 play. But this gives you an idea on how your bet size affects the best multiplier you can get.

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You have two kings. The listed payouts and large multiplier sign are what make the screen feel busy. Obviously most players won't go through calculations when playing each hand because it would take forever. You discard the other 3 cards. Bonus Poker This game pays different bonuses for 4 of a kinds, including four aces, four 2s 4s, and four 5s Ks.

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But Big Times Draw has one big advantage over slots because its payouts are transparent. This is especially true when considering that the pay tables are the same as what you'll see in base video poker variations.

Pay Back and Pay Tables in Big Times Draw Video Poker

There are two kings among the 47 remaining cards. When playing a multi hand version, you only make decisions in the bottom hand and they're reflected in the other hands. Here's a look at each variant in case you're not familiar with them all.

Big Times Draw has a 52 card deck, and the probabilities are programmed to emulate this deck. You hope to improve to a 3 of a kind or better on the draw.

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Of course, many slot machines - especially online - have published payback. But the point is that you can actually calculate the odds of getting any video poker hand. If you've played one or more casino kt 43 these games, then you won't have any trouble adjusting to Big Times Draw Poker.

But it doesn't take long to adjust to the screen, especially if you've played multi hand games before. But if the payback isn't available, then you have no idea on your chances because only the manufacturers know each payout's probability.

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The best bonus payout is coins for four aces. You can also change your bet before this, or keep it the same.

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Here are a few available pay tables for Big Times Draw: Double Double Bonus This game offers really big payouts for 4 of a kinds with special kickers fifth card. Let's look at an example: Now that we've covered the probability differences between slots and video poker, let's look at Big Times Draw pay tables and payback. Jacks or Better As long as you have a pair of jacks, you can look forward to a payout.

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This includes 2, coins for four aces with a 2 4 kicker; coins for four 2s 4s with an A 4 kicker; and coins for four aces; and coins for four 2s 4s. Both sides show the payouts based on their multiplied value if applicable.

But you shouldn't have much trouble adjusting after a while. The base bet ranges from 1 to 5 coins, and the bonus bet ranges from 1 to 5 coins.

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The wildcard also lets you form a 5 of a kind. Let's use a triple play version for an example: The probability of you improving to a 3 of a kind is Betting options are listed at the bottom, just like any other game.