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His first episode as a primary investigator was season seven episode "Fannysmackin'".


Greg casino thing you don't have to pass a spelling test greg casino work in the field. Ironically, Greg is never present when these discoveries are made, and nobody ever seems to notice as well. Catherine instead shares with Greg her experience in allowing lust to blind her, and suggested that Greg informs her if ever he falls for the next woman, as Catherine has an "eye for the rotten ones.

This reference is from "Gum Drops" when he points out to Sara, "My dad used to take me sailing when I was a kid.


In the season seven episode "Toe Tags" he stated that he is an Eagle Scout. In the Season Seven episode "Post Mortem," she tells Greg that cops often pay a hell of a price for what they do, possibly a reference to her own experience of being suspected for shooting another cop in the Season Six episode "A Bullet Runs Through It.

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He simply tells Grissom, "My mom is going to freak. Hodges also takes the mick which can be seen especially during the season 7 episode "Lab Rats" in which Greg ends up covered in spaghetti sauce and asks what the techs are doing.

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Despite this rocky start, Grissom seemed to develop a paternal fondness for Greg, evident by the Season Two episode "Chasing the Bus," where Grissom encourages Greg and denies that he "messed up" in the field. Fountain in Norwegian is "fontene". The magic show, however, is only part of a much larger picture. So it is likely that he used this excuse to cover up his gambling budgets mistake.

Greg Frewin's dedication to wildlife preservation and his commitment to the many animals in his life, exotic and domestic, are no illusion. In season 12, episode 10, while Greg was talking to a genealogist, it was revealed that Greg's father's side of the family was from Harstad, Norway and that his mother's side was from Oslo, Norway.

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Greg finds himself getting shot at after the woman calls him from a diner. She says that she "came for him" despite his asking her to "process the scene now".

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His bragging lead to the city's nickname cake-eaters and then Greg's family moved to California revealed greg casino season 12, episode He has often encouraged Greg in the field, and has been seen giving Greg some of his first CSI experiences and tips; Greg took his notes in the episode "Chasing the Bus", and in "Scuba Doobie-Doo", he sought Greg's advice concerning a dead diver due to Greg's own experience as a SCUBA diver, much to Catherine's annoyance, as she was the one working with him on the case.

He was originally portrayed as a girl-crazy geek with interesting hair and odd shirts. You've got something stuck to your shoe Do you know what the inboard end of an anchor rope is called?

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You know the magic shows on TV? Both Greg and the tourist survived and the team arrested the gang members, but a gang-member that Greg had run over died in surgery, which causes problems in later episodes.

The character has "grown up" somewhat since the first season. Of note, his mentorship of the fledgling CSI can be seen in episode 4. His book is mentioned again in the episode "Cockroaches", Greg stated he had been greg casino Mob bosses from Vegas' past; one boss he had come across in his research owned a waste management company and an old garbage truck from this company was used in a Mob-related murder case.

Also, in the season 7 episode "Fannysmackin'" he is severely injured after he risks his life to save a tourist being beaten to death by a gang of teenage thrill seekers. She also occasionally gives him forensic advice, such as in the Season 5 episodes "No Humans Involved," when Greg was unsure how to recover a fingerprint, and "Snakes," when Greg is sent to assist her in a shooting.

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In the Season 2 episode "Chasing The Bus", Greg responses to a "all hands on deck" call, even though he wasn't trained for field work. He was initially the resident lab rat, only appearing occasionally. In the season 5 episode "Spark of Life", he is seen to be disturbed by a woman who set herself on fire and while taking her husband to the hospital to see her, he is seen very close to greg casino.

The murder victims were grandchildren of Jewish-American gangsters who murdered the woman's grandparents. In the same episode, he reveals a fondness for Doc Martens in high school and thinks that skinheads' enthusiasm for that style "kinda ruined it for everyone. The show was amazing, the VIP tour was increadible.

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Following "Fannysmackin'," Grissom sees that Greg is mortified that his actions may have disappointed Grissom, but is immensely relieved when, in "Post Mortem," he tells Greg that he did 'a good job'. By Season 11, Greg has had moments of aggression while on the job.

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In Fannysmackin', Sara stays with Greg and comforts him before he is taken to hospital. Hodges usually explains to the other CSI's about what his findings are and sometimes refers them to Sanders. My people are Norwegian. Nick does not look at Greg any differently now that he is a CSI. He tells Nick in "A La Cart" that he was aware of their relationship.

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More amazingly, I had the opportunity to meet and pet Sheira, a beautiful white Siberian tiger — the single most incredible moment of my life! Statements from other characters and Greg himself have hinted that the Sanders family were from an upper middle class or wealthy background.

He would be seen dancing in his lab [4] and sometimes the hallways or conducting an invisible symphony. Although he was never good at sports, Greg was the captain of the high school chess team. Greg has mentioned on several occasions his grandfather, whom he affectionately calls 'Papa Olaf.

The character has often met with the disapproval of his supervisor Gil Grissom, due to listening to loud music such as Marilyn Manson while running lab machines and hiding porn magazines in some area cabinets. Family[ edit ] Greg is of Norwegian descent, which was revealed in season 3, episode 3 "Let the Seller Beware": This guy was the highlight of our trip - and he came out afterwards to sign autographs, take pictures and talk with the people.

At almost 65, I had never seen a live magic show and loved every minute. Also, during the season 9 episode "No Way Out" after a 7 year old is accidentally killed, his father will not give him up to David Phillips.

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Greg finds out that she is a Burlesque dancer who is also a suspect of recent murders that connect to an old crime case. When Sara was suspended because of the quarrel with Catherine, Greg was the one who defended her to Catherine.

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His mother's side was from OsloNorway. My first magic show ever.

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He discovers the results of a paternity test in Warrick's dresser, leading the team to realize that Warrick had a son. When the bus driver, injured during the crash, collapses towards Nick, Greg freezes as Nick yells at Greg to get some help. Your mother's maiden name is Hojem, correct?