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Also the final Nighter when we all staged a protest sit-in at eight-fifteen, then left at eight-thirty with tears streaming down our faces. In the early days it opened at 2. Dave Lomo Hull Wigan Casino just the best ever. KTF John mel lancs I have many fond memories of the Casino, but one of the funniest was being stopped by a policeman after an oldies night, I came out eyes wigan casino photographs with a bag FULL of sweaty t shirts not all mine and the officer wanted to inspect my bag?

Nowhere as even come close to that casino feeling did'nt ever matter if it was your first all-nighter or your th that casino magic made it all so special. Passing a can ok coke round, sharing it with about 15 people. Every time I listen to Northern Soul, look at pics and archive footage I see and hear more of what we have lost Never even thought about wigan ever ending, only had good thoughts.

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Great to hear from you Bob,about time I visited you all again. It was all about the people,the music and the dancing. Jules x Judy Young That's me! The anticipation was what kept us standing on the roadside in Cambridge at 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon,waiting for a lift, it usually took three or four lifts to do the journey and sometimes it took 10 hours to get to the Casino but we still done it week after week.

Shaun Smith Greatest night ever seeing the immaculate Jackie Wilson live on stage. BOB MALLEN it was a way of life, we lived it, we danced it, we did it, 49 yrs old and still spinnin i remember you all as if it was yesterday karen from aberdeen Best days of my life still dance the night away at aberdeens Norther soul club,chris king playing at the end of the month.

Brilliant music,memories and friends. Chris Walford in Glasgow After some difficult trips by car to Wigan,we regularly organised coaches from Scotland on a monthly basis. Tom and Judith in South Africa Really wish we had a time machine and could re-visit the wonderful Casino.

Happiest years of my young life. I'm glad I was there.

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Hee hee Anyway Jethro Colin Hattersley Wigan Casino was my life in my early years. Best night for me was when the Exciters appeared live peter mc namara i was 18 at the time and went to the casino every saturday night not thee all nighter but it was still magic happy days Geoff Say Russ, It's been a long long time but in pic 6, isnt that Ian Frank Dewhirst?

Luckily we were in the right place at the right time. Have them on display here for everyone to enjoy. We made History, but we knew that it would never die. The girl on the far right of the picture. Bob I was too young and born way too far south to experience the hey days but got into the scene just in time and moved up north just in time to visit the casino ebfore it's demise in Returned numerous times but now regret not going more regularly.

Doug Gannon Hitched to Wigan ,it was a long way to go,we used to go most Saturdays in the early years. When will the tickets be on sale? Thousands of us know the truth. Wigan Revisited was an inspired idea Russ.

Thanks for the wonderful reception. A totally wigan casino photographs and magical venue. Stef Malajny Back in 73 it seems I had the best car, a trusty Hillman Super Minx and my good buddy Jonah suggested a trip from Peterborough to Wigan casino, he knew I liked Comercial Motown and stuff like Jerry Williams and promised me we would here all that and more, his description of the beachcomber was like the diner in Happy days, it all sounded great.

Like your 1st trip to disney florida. There were many good dancers there but it was those Dynamic guys that I wanted to dance like. Yvonne in Clitheroe Used to tell my Mum I was staying at a mates house so that I could stay out all night! Wonderful nights and friends. On my 50th Birthday decided to celebrate by booking Russ Winstanly and Dean Parrish for an event in my home town of Pterborough, a kinda Wigan revisited night, over turned up and were blown away by Dean Parrish then Russ wigan casino photographs on and pumped it up even further, finishing with the big 3, getting me grief with the caretakers but what the heck, there were people with tears in there eyes as they remembered.

Brilliant music and friends. Started going in Dancin, talkin, buyin and selling sounds. Thanks for starting it all Russ. All the lads stunk of Brut and the girls of Tabu perfume. We'll be there on September 20th. The anticipation before you got there,getting my picture on the front of the Tommy Hunt LP at the 2nd anniversary,getting in with a yellow piece of paper after I lost my membership card and of course THAT music.

See you at the Casino's 35th Anniversary in Wigan. Sharron from Lytham many nights spent dancing on the "practice floor" upstairs on M's balcony and like everyone else the baths in the morning. What an experience, one that i will never forget.

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Also loved the oldies room Mr. Karen Wigan No-one can replace the Casino but Its about time Wigan authorities listened to the people of Wigan and surrounding areas and build a dancehall for all dancers and styles.

I'ts in your soul x mags, Scotland Lived, breathed n danced northern soul. Your photographs brought all those great days back. The Casino that night was awesome and an unforgetable experience. I still sit here listening to the music from then, along with all the other dance soul genres. It was my life, I even worked in the music industry with r searling at RCA. I moved from Surrey in up to Mansfield in Nottingham where Northern Soul is a religion and is still belting away as strong as ever.

I was lucky enough to continue promoting our Superb Scene to four million Soulies over 9 years at the Casino.

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You don't get clubs like Wigan Casino these days. Great show on Mar-1 again Russ. Send them in J Peg format to russ. I've sent Russ my email details Dean Iwas taken to wigan wigan casino photographs a young lad by my brother and got hooked for life, since then i have gained friends far and near trooper regent casino hold treasured memories,and still go to venues around the uk,THANKS to you all and now my children and grandchildren will "fly our flag" and keep it alive,and also make true friends wthin the northern soul family keep on keeping on.

We travelled up at least once a month for years from Winchester, Newbury and Southampton. KTF wigan casino photographs all tonyisle of man goosebumps reading about peoples memories i was to young to go but love everything about the scene Dave, Grantham Regular in the early days of the Casino from 2nd nighter till circa late ' It still feels like it was only a couple of weeks ago since I was last there.