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US turns due west shortly after this junction, then curves to due north. North of the interstate, US intersects USturning east to follow the latter route into downtown Sallisaw.

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The highway continues northeast past Cherry Tree, before turning back to a due north course as it makes its way into the county seat of Stilwell. The new highway had several curves straightened, reducing this segment's length from The highway crosses the Kansas state line Just north of this intersection lies an interchange with mainline US, which is still on the Cherokee Turnpike at this point.

The highway crosses the Baron Fork, then passes west of the unincorporated location of Baron. US then passes through unincorporated Brushy.

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This change was approved by the Highway Commission on August 19, As it leaves Grove, US turns northwest, running the length of a peninsula out into the lake. The eastern terminus of US Alternate is also at this interchange; it becomes concurrent with US as the two routes head west.

The northernmost town that US serves in Oklahoma is Welch. The road exits Sequoyah County north of this group of mountains. This junction is only 0.

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The route continues to follow a winding course as it makes its way northeast to unincorporated Cherry Tree. At this time, the road south of Sallisaw was marked as "Conditional Location", and between Grove and the Kansas state line, the highway followed a different route: With the realignment, US continued straight through the intersection, bypassing Westville to the west. After this junction, US and US curve around to the north and pass through the two small hamlets of Zoe and Stapp.

There, the three highways form the southern terminus of SH Southwest of Dawesthe highways cross into Craig County. The highway passes just east of Mission Mountain; [4] north of the mountain, the road begins paralleling a Kansas City Southern railroad line. At this interchange, US exits from the mainline to join US; continuing north through the interchange places the motorist on the Poteau Bypassan unnumbered state highway.

At the route 59 casino city limit of Westville, US turned north, joining its modern-day alignment 3.

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North of Brushy, the highway winds through the Brushy Mountains. There was no road between modern-day SH-9 and Sallisaw. Army Corps of Engineers.

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On that date, the commission approved a realignment of US from a point south of the intersection with US and US, to that junction, and on into Poteau. At the end of the peninsula, US crosses the lake yet again, landing on the north shore near Copeland.

US splits away to the north, becoming a two-lane highway. This moved US onto a new bridge over the Arkansas River upon completion of its nya casino 2017, with the old highway being turned over to the U.

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The transportation commission approved on October 4, It crosses the Arkansas River on a bridge just downstream of the dam that impounds Robert S. The two concurrent roads head north through the towns of Shady Point route 59 casino Panama. The highway turns to the northwest, passing through Howeand intersects with SH at its northern route 59 casino.

The highway then passes into Ottawa County.

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The commission designated this highway as US, effective upon the completion of its construction. On the north side of the town, US splits away to the west. US is concurrent with US as it crosses the line.