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An engaging young African American MC entertained us while we waited for the lanes to be oiled from the previous group of bowlers - in particular he demonstrated the reactions we should have for throwing a strike and a spare.

Speakers came at about 6: We then returned to the bowling center and browsed around. As a consequence of this tournament running 90 days. Purchasing at least one print was mandatory, I believe. We walked the gauntlet through the USBC shop and pro shop on the left hand side, and apparel from the USBC shop and a souvenir shop on the other side of the hallway, into a larger hall.

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It was doubles and singles, so I wore my other Chaotic Chaos team shirt, as I'd be bowling with Jacque in doubles. The rear of the room was set up with a photographic background of Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas. Laura had disappeared into the restroom while the rest of us checked in. The scores can be checked at Bowl. We arrived at the resort and went to valet.

Shirley started suffering some health issues, and about a month before we were to leave for Las Vegas it was doubtful if she was going to be able to bowl - she'd hurt her arm in a freak accident. Jacque and Linda tried to access the GPS on their smart phones to no avail.

Linda ordered a Reuben sandwich, and my two other teammates Jacque and Laura ordered the daily, Saturday special, roast loin of pork with pan gravy, red cabbage and fresh mashed potatoes. And my bete noir of the 7-pin reared its ugly head several times and I don't think I converted it once.

Under third-year head coach Kim McNeill, Hartford finished with a record, the most wins for the team since the season. The young and promising team returns the bulk of its roster including leading scorer, forward Nicole Martin, and starting point guard Brittney Patrick.

When we checked in there was no line - by the time she arrived there were several people ahead of her. We entered into brackets. Then we sat in the chairs provided and waited for 7 pm, our time to go bowl. We also wore purple Mardi Gras beads that we'd brought ourselves and wore for the entire tournament at South Point and at Sams Town, and purple fingernail polish in honor of Shirley, as purple was her favorite color.

I pulled off, entered the correct directions, and we arrived at South Point shortly thereafter. Over the course of the 3 months, over 20, women will have takne part in the tournament. I purchased a pair of shoe covers from the Pro Shop which were too small Famous last words as you'll south point casino bowling league later. Fan room rates will be available at a later date.

I then changed into my sleeping t-shirt and shorts, ordered a wakeup call for 4: We'd had different shirts than the mint colored ones when we'd bowled with Shirley and another woman called Kathy on a Wednesday league two years ago. I started out well, a spare and then a strike, and then it was all downhill from there.

Honey barbecue chicken with onion strings and bacon. I took a few photos, and then bowling the team event began. Your GPS will know where you are unless the satellites are down for some weird reason, as happened to us.

I bowled in the first game, in the 2nd, and a confidence building in the third game, for a series or an average of per game. Jacque called Sams Town, and asked for the street address I had forgotten to look it up, and it was not on their brochure and I plugged it into the GPS.

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Under first-year head coach James Howard, Georgetown made history in by advancing to the Big East Tournament semifinals for the first time in 19 seasons. Buffalo returns leading scorer Cierra Dillard for the campaign. I ordered the honey barbecue sandwich which came with strips of bacon and onion strings - it was absolutely delicious.

I figured it was because I was inside a parking garage and assumed that once I got out into the open - dark - air, it would acquire the satellite. After about five minutes my GPS, which I'd left plugged in, came to life and gave me directions I knew that as long as I had that GPS, I wouldn't have any trouble getting us to Sam's Town - or anywhere else for that matter, at midnight or at any other time.

After dinner we returned to the car and dug our team t-shirts out of our suitcases - I also got out my black slacks, as did Linda. I figured I'd drive for a little ways and then it would acquire the satellite - it didn't. So we went to the car, and I turned on the GPS. Our games were to start at 7 pm, and we anticipated that we'd be done by The South Point Shootout takes place at the four-star South Point Hotel and Casino, a spacious resort that offers fans a wide range of family-friendly entertainment from movies to bowling.

Not surprisingly, the team had a good run before falling in the Sweet Sixteen, ending their season at Southern Illinois will enter on the heels of a fourth straight winning season.

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Once we were all set, we tracked down the bowling ball lockers. The Jackrabbits finished the season with an outstanding record. So, we took out our bowling ball bags. After stowing away our bowling balls, we returned to the valet, got the car back from the valet, and I drove it into the parking garage, finally ending up on the fourth floor.

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The Bulls stunned the nation as an 11th seed taking down higher ranked teams in the early rounds of the tournament. I earned no bracket money for this performance! If someone had bowled a or series, they could join this club.

I wish I'd returned them but I didn't. We went ahead and sent the car to valet parking and took our luggage to our rooms.

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There was a hallway that had been converted into a check-in center, with several counter reps. Only one of us, Laura, had worn her team bowling shirt and appropriate slacks on the airplane. The Salukis finished last season with a record and ended the season in the semifinals of the MVC Tournament after falling to top-seeded Drake.

Despite not having any seniors last season, Arizona State tied the school records for consecutive NCAA appearances and win seasons. It's supposed to be a "fun" photo, so funny hats and props are provided.

Linda and I took turns in the bathroom dressing.