Slot allocation grandfather rights, at heathrow,...

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We show however that anti-competitive airline behaviors may actually raise the overall welfare. They would just no longer be in an advantageous position compared with new entrants. It is not surprising that those with large slot holdings at congested airports, especially the major flag carriers, resist strenuously any attempt slot allocation grandfather rights interfere with the grandfather principle.

They have access to certain assets or rights for a limited period.

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Slot sales, on the other hand, are less favourably regarded, mainly on the grounds that smaller airlines would have difficulty matching the deep pockets of the larger carriers. Not only is this a poor justification who says that passengers want stability if the alternative is a much improved service at lower prices? DG7 rejects out of hand any serious attack on grandfather rights, primarily on the grounds that stability and continuity of operations are of utmost importance for both airlines and passengers.

However, the regulator may find it advantageous to keep at least a small difference between airlines.

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Virgin's expansion has been substantially slowed by its inability to acquire sufficient slots for its expansion plans, even if by hard slot allocation grandfather rights it has been able to add the odd new route over the years. A more open and transparent market for slots may have a role to play although in reality everyone knows that a relatively efficient if murky market already existsbut it will not provide a solution to the underlying problem.

They in no way reflect real consumer choice or the relative merits of the competing services which would emerge if slot allocation was truly opened up. We also show that for a given administrative allocation process it may happen that the final price paid by the consumers rises when the overall airport capacity increases.

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Virgin Atlantic has brought real benefits for the travelling public on long-haul routes out of the UK, in the form of improved, innovatory products and lower fares. Unfortunately, this would not create a single new slot.

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This is the core of the argument. If a carrier actually owns a slot, it would slot machine rentals sacramento illogical to allow for that slot to be confiscated should the airline concerned fail to use it intensively, as provided for in the EU Slot Allocation Regulation.

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These large slot holdings were accumulated, of course, at a time when the airlines concerned were the favoured recipients of their government owners' largesse. A more fundamental difficulty is presented by the failure of the Regulation to do anything to increase competition.

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In particular, we consider a duopoly model in which two airlines first share the limited airport capacity according to a centralized allocation rule which accounts for historical rights and then compete in quantities. The problem of airport congestion and excess demand can clearly only get worse.

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This is not confiscation, since as already explained airlines do not own slots in Europe. They remain an important part of the EU's Slot Allocation Regulation and unfortunately the European Commission, or at least DG 7, shows little slot allocation grandfather rights for getting rid of them.

Grandfather rights allow blackjack nsw incumbent airline to keep a slot in perpetuity.

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Everyone would be treated equally. It is this missed opportunity that represents the greatest failure of the current Slot Regulation congestion.

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Experience of buying and selling slots in the US lends credence to DG4's concern in this respect. The result would be no worse than the current situation, and it is just possible that a more competitive solution would result.

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It sees slot sales as a way of increasing slot availability to smaller airlines, provided dominant carriers are prevented from adding significantly to their slot holdings.