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Important monuments and villas were built to please the Royal Family, including the Hippodrome Wellington horse racing track and the Royal Galleries. Sat 10am-noon and pm; school vacations Wed-Mon 10am-noon and pm.

The locals and other residents in Belgium usually occupy the larger beach het Groot Strand.

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Therefore, Ostend rose in importance because the town provided an alternative exit to the sea. Near the Fat Mathilde on the right hand side is the famous Floral Clock created from Inthe Dutch again closed off the entrance to the world's biggest harbour of Antwerpthe Westerschelde.

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May, June, September daily from 9am-noon and pm; July and August daily from 9am-7pm; April to June and September daily from 10am-1pm and pm; October to March weekends and holidays from 11am-1pm and pm. A small bar that's relatively quiet till around midnight.

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Both monarchs liked to spend their holidays in Ostend. Only reproductions are displayed. There's a re-created fisherman's pub, a fisherman's home, and an old tobacco store.

The Restaurant l'Enfant Terrible, located at Nieuwstraat 16, an easy walk from the town centre casino kursaal oostende sa seconds from the harbour, serves an excellent selection of good, well prepared food.

The better bars are listed below.

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He reinstated the park's original title of the 'Kursaal' and converted the circus into a ballroom and ice rink. Quiet during the afternoon, sweaty and loud at night. Great for kids as well. As a consequence the port was subjected to two naval assaults by the Royal Navy.

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This vast, neo-Gothic church from has a suite of stained-glass windows and a memorial chapel dedicated to Belgium's first queen, Marie-Louise of Orleans, who died in Ostend in The locals and other residents in Belgium usually occupy the larger beach grootstrand.

There are lot's of pubs, bars and clubs with a very unique style squeezed into this one street.

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It has a diameter of 9 metres, the hands are 3 and 4 metres long and weigh 70 and 90 kilos. Towards the port side there are many little fish outlets, and beyond that the ferries can be observed docking. The first park regulations gave free access to tourists, but local residents had to pay. The date, made entirely of flowers, is reset every day during the summer months.

Studio and lounge on the second floor.

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The Oostendse Compagnie Ostend trade company was allowed to found colonies overseas. His son David de Forrest Morehouse took over directorship.

Monday from pm and Tuesday to Sunday from 10am-7pm. In July [4] they opened a grand entrance pavilion, the Kursaal Palace, designed by George Sherrin and John Clarke, containing a circus, ballroom, arcade, dining hall and billiard room. The town was frequently taken, ravaged, ransacked and destroyed by conquering armies.

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Get around[ edit ] Most points of interest in town are close together. At least 20 people were killed and a further injured. Disease followed the devastation leading to further deaths.

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The outdoor amusement area was later redeveloped for housing. Plays non stop soul and funk music.

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The Belgium Austriacum had become part of the Austrian Empire. It's a mixture of a Saint-Louis Geuze and a secret ingredient only the bartenders know. Casino kursaal oostende sa over different squares, it features some of Belgium's biggest music acts, but also lesser know bands Belgian and internationalstreet performances and theatre acts.

The Dutch rebels, the Gueuzentook control of the town. The town hosted all of the sailing events for the Summer Olympics for Antwerp.

Warm springs cascade locks casino Petrus and St Paulus Church Beach, seafront and Europacenter building The strategic position on the North Sea coast had major advantages for Ostend as a harbour but also proved to be a source of trouble.

The music is loud, the beer is cheap and you can play darts so you don't have to talk to each other. Housed in King Leopold's restored, 19th century summer residence, the museum holds displays of Neolithic and Roman objects excavated in the vicinity and exhibits depicting Oostend traditional dress, folklore, and history.

By trustees had taken over Hilton's company, and the Luna Park Company was dissolved in Tourists from inland Belgium and foreigners mostly arrive by train day trips and head for the closest beach area, the Klein Strand, located next to the pier. Take a seat in one of the booths and let the waiters recommend you something.

In particular, their casino kursaal oostende sa steak with fries is outstanding. Buy[ edit ][ add listing ] Ostend is a paradise for shopaholics. The rest of aristocratic Belgium followed and soon Ostend became known as "the queen of the Belgian sea-side resorts".

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April to September daily from 10am-noon and pm; October to March weekends from 10am-noon and pm. A common sight is a coffee served with a small advocaat eggnog. Just go and see which version you get.