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The killed plan would have accounted not only for transit budgets, but also for funding of significant road and bridge infrastructure, which will now face an additional 5, Pittsburgh-area cars because of the federally forced transit cuts, according to one analyst. On weekdays, commuters will be able to ride the light rail from the North Shore to the central business district by parking in one of the underutilized parking lots or garages of the North Shore.

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Notice the Pittsburgh Steelers banner prominently displayed. The points of contention included whether the North Shore Connector was the best way to extend Pittsburgh's light rail network; whether the North Shore Connector would prove to be competitive with existing roads, bridges, and trails in attracting commuters; and whether the project's long-term benefits to the region would justify its cost.

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The president of Alco Rivers casino north shore pittsburgh, Merrill Stabile, noted that the North Shore lacks the parking capacity to serve additional fans, and that the North Shore Connector could help alleviate the congestion by "making it easier for fans to park Downtown".

Inthe Pittsburgh Tribune-Review expressed its opposition to the North Shore project, noting that there were already four bridges capable of transporting people from the Downtown area to the city's North Shore and North Side. Its supporters argued that any enhancement of public transportation infrastructure in the region should be welcome if it decreases regional reliance on automobiles, especially given the uncertainty of future fuel prices and the paucity of parking in the central business districtwhile opponents have argued that the project's small scope and large budget constitute a waste of government spending.

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Eighty percent of the funding was provided by the U. He further stated his belief that the money given to the state from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act should have been applied to the transportation needs of the state "in a more beneficial fashion".

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The Allegheny Station serves residents in Allegheny West and Manchesteras well as visitors to Heinz Fieldannual fans, excluding concertsthe Carnegie Science Centerannual visitorsChildren's Museum of Pittsburghannual visitors and the Rivers Casino.

The North Shore neighborhood of Pittsburgh evolved from a "sea of asphalt" in the s to a bustling extension of the central business district reflecting approximately one billion dollars of investment and construction in the first decade of the s.

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Locally, it was argued that the Pittsburgh Light Rail network probably deserved to be expanded, but that the most logical extension would be an eastward one, not a northward one. As one local columnist wrote, "People argue the T line should have gone to Oakland first, and they're right…The North Shore Connector is our consolation prize.

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The North Shore Connector project attracted considerable controversy on both the local and national level. According to McCain, the Connector was an example of stimulus dollars spent to fund projects with "questionable goals," or those that were "being mismanaged or were poorly planned. The engineers who planned the project concluded that a tunnel, rather than a new or retrofitted bridge, would be the most cost-effective solution to this issue.