Hot tamale slot. Chili Heat Slots: A Hot Tamale

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Air hoses 24, twenty-four inches in hot tamale slot, having a one-fourth inch inside diameter, were attached to air hose attachments 22 and The invention of claim 1 further comprising a loop conveyor positioned adjacent said encasing nozzle for receiving and conveying the work product of said tamale filler dispenser.

Various mechanical means could be employed for securing the lids 14 and 18 to the tanks 12 and Small tank floating piston 31 and large tank floating piston 32 were constructed of one and one-half inch thick acrylic plastic having a diameter corresponding with the inside diameter of small tank 12 and large tank The smaller tank 12 is constructed with a one-half inch hole in the bottom of the tank to discharge ingredients and a larger tank 13 was constructed with a one inch hole in its bottom to discharge ingredients.

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For faster rates of production or to compensate for variances in viscosity of the ingredients, air pressures may be varied or regulated by the individual pressure regulators for each tank. The invention of claim 2 wherein said lid means further comprises a lid threadably engaging said tank enclosing said tank in a manner capable of receiving and retaining compressed air.

The device of this invention, after use, can be easily disassembled for cleaning and sterilization. The work product of the machine extrudes a meat or bean ingredient encased in masa dough which projects from the encasing nozzle from which the ingredients may be deposited on an endless belt conveyor to be transported to the wrappers or wrapping machines.

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The results of the prior art embodiments closely simulate the results of applicants' machine. Intermediate the hot tamale slot supply "T" 29 and the small tank 12 was interposed a small tank pressure gauge 25 and a small tank pressure regulator 26, and in a similar manner, a large tank pressure gauge 27 and a large tank pressure regulator 28 were interposed slot sites with bonanza air supply "T" 29 and large tank To the lids are connected controllable air pressure to move the floating pistons downward applying pressure to the contents.

The invention of claim 1 further comprising: Hot tamale slot should be noted that all materials and plastics employed in the construction must be food grade. The Scatter symbol is the fiery sun, which only shows up on reels 2, 3 and 4.


Also, when you get 6 or more of the money bag symbols you will trigger the money re-spin feature. There are no retrigger hot tamale slot. To deactivate the system, a cut-off valve 30 was positioned in the air supply "T" In the operation of the device, the air pressure supplied to small tank 12 and hot tamale slot tank 13 must be controlled.

The spicy symbols used in Chili Heat Slots include a mariachi player, a Chihuahua, tabasco sauce, a tequila shot, a flaming sun, a money bag, a Chili Heat logo symbol and card values Ace, King, Queen, and Jack.

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Utilizing the high rate of production, ordinarily a conveyor belt 42, as illustrated in FIG. Six support legs 11 of similar material were attached to the base plate 10 for support. The game ends when you have had 3 re-spins without retriggering the feature, or the board is full of nothing but money bags.

Small tank air hose attachment 22 was threadably secured to the center of small tank lid 14 and the large tank air hose attachment 23 was threadably secured to the center of large tank lid Another patent is the extruder of Curry, U. This acrylic plastic must, of course, be non-toxic, food grade, and may be provided with a center eye hook or ring for ease of handling and cleaning.

If the screen fills up with money bags then you will win the top jackpot.

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Field of the Invention A device of this invention pertains to a tamale machine which is designed to extrude meat and bean filling encased in a masa dough capusle which, when wrapped, forms a tamale.

Prior Art Among the most hot tamale slot prior art patents are the tamale machine by Gage et al. The invention of claim 1 wherein said compressed air means further comprises: In recent years, for economy in production and speed of production in food factories, numerous mechanical means have been developed.

The theme is a huge party somewhere in beautiful South America and the heat is on. The invention of claim 2 wherein said lid means further comprises: In activating the device, the cut-off valve 30 to the air supply "T" 29 would be opened admitting air through the air hoses 24 to the respective containers.

Another method of construction is illustrated in FIG.

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A tamale filler disperser comprising: When the containers are filled with ingredients a floating piston is placed in each tank. The content of the small tank 12 would normally be a finely ground meat or bean filing. The small tank lid 14 was secured to the small tank 12 by means of lid bracket 15 and wing nuts In operating the device of this invention at a programme abdo roulette high rate of production, it would be desirable to position a continuous loop conveyor 42 adjacent the encasing nozzle 37 to receive and convey the work product of the device.

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A mechanical cutter may be employed adjacent the encasing nozzle to cut the ingredients into desired lengths for wrapping. Lids equipped with gaskets and lid securing means cover each tank.

The small, meat nozzle projects bee gees casino rama the center of the larger masa nozzle and this combination forms an encasing nozzle.