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The actual Voisins Du Zero bet is covered by just 9 chips and it is done like this: The payout is 5: I then lost 24 units. The payout for the corner bet is 8: You can play the systems continuously and profit at the stated roulette double street bet.

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This was for DS4. In the one 0 wheel roulette, the payout for straight bets is So far as Izak described it. This is a key factor in the money management of DS4. In the best case, the bankroll will fluctuate around a gradually-increasing average amount.

DS4 is the one tested for the entire month of March in Hamburg casinothat contained about spins per day. The two extra bonus systems DS5 are quite different. Double Street Line Bet — This is the same as the Street bet except it covers two Streets at the same time rather than one. Bet on the double streets with two chips on each of them. Well, I'm happy to announce that I had great results during March and the last 2 months of my live play of this system.

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For DS5 Part I a loss limit of units is suggested in case the table goes against you. By the time a unit loss may be encountered, you will be way ahead.

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So, after betting, you see that 21 numbers are covered, which is pretty impressive. You can play multiple sessions during one day, since each session could take between 8 spins and 60, which is not more than an hour.

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Let us provide an example. Craziest systems Let's remember what bets we have in the casino.

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March has 31 days. The chance to play DS-5 came up once for a win also.

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Double Street Yes, we are still talking about the bets, not directions in the streets. I know its early but I am getting optimistic about this system. Playing say 90 sessions per month, you can make 16 units for 60 sessions and lose 22 units for 30 sessions.

Subtract the chips you used in betting you will be gaining 30 chips. This is the reason why the Double Street Quad System lures an increasing number of roulette players. Though this system brightens your luck of winning it never promises you a win. Only, if the net balance for the session goes into negative, roulette double street bet we go into a mild progression, that in most cases brings your net balance right back into the positive within not more than spins.

For example, 1,2,4,5 is a Corner bet. If you think of the roulette wheel as a pizza, the Call bets are a way of covering a slice or multiple slices if you want to.

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As the chance of success is almost equal to the chance of loss, this playing strategy will cause the bankroll of a player to swing up and down. Also you are winning really slow but roulette double street bet good time and extending your time at the table. The thing is that you choose what corners you bet on and the same is with the straight up bet.

Odd and Even — There are 18 odd numbers and 18 even numbers. In this case your profit will be 30 chips, as other 5 bets would lose. The betting is mostly flat bets, that is, it bets the same amount of units spin after spin. You win 8 chips according to the payout table. It includes betting on two double streets, quad bet and a straight up number. How to Apply We can show how this system works with an example.

Every double street bet is placed on two adjacent rows and in case it wins, the payoff for a player will be 5 to 1. Each of them covers just less than half of the table due to the addition of the 0 and in the case of the American game, 0 and This is also the worst bet in the entire game because of the unfair payout — avoid it.

For 30 days, this constituted about 9, real spins.

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It raises your chances to win. The Roulette double street bet Probable Scenario With this system a player will most likely either win on one of the double street bets, or lose on all positions.

All three systems are based on playing the double streets in Roulette, as the DS part of the system implies.

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Five Quad Strategy First you will have to make six bets: This strategy covers the inside bets, which is not very common for the betting systems at all as in most cases they lead to losses, not to winning which are so wanted in gambling.