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Roulette and blackjack are a close tie between first and second place for the most popular table games. Fortunately, I can speak Spanish well enough to make simple conversation, which was essential. As near as I could tell, I was the only gringo in the place. The way it seemed to work is gals would push around carts of food, for example a chicken dinner, and offer them to players. When I asked one player, he said to just ask a cocktail waitress for something.

Despite playing table games for a total of about eight hours, I never managed to get any free grub. The property had a hour casino on the main floor.

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So, I asked a cocktail waitress for a sandwich, but she looked at me as if I asked for the hair off of a monkey's butt. The difference is like night and day between Santo Domingo and Punta Cana, so I will address them separately. You are also likely to find one or two tables of no-limit Texas Hold 'Em at the larger casinos. It was exasperating fighting everybody off.

Santo Domingo Overview Before getting to the casinos, let me say something about the city itself. They have departures every couple hours. Not surprisingly, slot players seemed to get much more attention from the food gals than table game players. Based on my experience, the casinos of Santo Domingo attract almost entirely locals.


The Atlantis in the Bahamas is the largest. Based on personal observations, there are many more that are slots only. Why hasn't anybody thought to offer this service at the Santo Domingo airport except, evidently, me?

No, there are no casinos in the colonial section.

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There were no cruise ships in port during my first full day in Santo Domingo, so I was besieged everywhere I went. Here were the table games available on the main floor. If I lived in the DR, I might be jealous that the government built a nice airport for the gringos while most of the locals have to suffer the dilapidated one in the capital. If you look anything like me i.

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It was my impression that most of the patrons were Santo Domingo locals. I also had the impression many of them knew each other.

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I saw other players eating free food at the tables but am not quite sure how they did it. The property I'm sure at one time was quite nice, but when I was there it felt more than a little run down. I think it used to be a Marriott property, and it is incorrectly still listed as such by many hotel booking websites. However, I looked everywhere and asked several people about taking a bus or shuttle to the center of Santo Domingo and everybody looked at me as if it was the most radical idea they had ever heard.

The only downside is that I'm Limits were generally low in both currencies, but lower in pesos. I read on another website there was a bus service you could find on the second floor of the airport. I suspect those table game players eating were either friendly with somebody on the staff or were poaching food in the slot machine area. The Dominican Republic claims to be the first country in the "new world" that Columbus set foot on a claim that the Bahamas also makes.

Today the colonial section of Santo Domingo, which is conveniently close to where cruise ships anchor, is home to lots of restored year-old buildings, including the home of Columbus. This is my report about the casino scene in those two Dominican cities.

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However, there are still a lot of annoyances. There were plenty of hotel shuttles parked just outside of customs. I wonder if the president feels this kind of negative attention his last few days in office, which is the time he is expected to hand out pardons like the Easter bunny hands out eggs.

Video slots and electronic table games make up about half the casino floor.

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The number of tables are in parenthesis. This area seems safe, with plenty of police and security guards patrolling. With many other gringos to share the pain, I could walk about without being the center of unwanted attention. If you ever find yourself on a cruise slot it r18 quattro stopping in Santo Domingo, I recommend walking down the pedestrian street of Calle el Conde.

Do not count on anybody in Santo Domingo casinos to speak English. By comparison to the rundown Santo Domingo airport, the airport in Punta Cana is magnificent.

The staff at the hotel were very nice and let me torture them with my awful Spanish without complaint. There is no doubt that Columbus lived there for a time and established Santo Domingo as the first European colonial city in the western hemisphere.

One thing I was pleasantly surprised by in Santo Domingo is the casinos not only offer free drinks to players but also free food!