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Modifications to the British Mark I design included raised suspension trim height, slot rold provision of a large, heavy sump guard and better sealing against dust. Other changes included a higher second slot rold and final drive ratio for the manual transmission, and conventional suspension bushes replaced the far superior roller bearings fitted to the Mark I.

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January also saw the indicator switch modified. In the Australian market, it offered a roomy and advanced 4-cylinder alternative to the popular 6-cylinder models such as the Holden Kingswood, which used conventional engineering based on American principles.

The ubiquitous doors even appeared on the further upmarket Austin 3-Litre of and, at prototype stage, Bentleys and Rolls-Royces. These featured new front and rear styling and a 2. While they were technically interesting, and offered a roomy interior and comfortable ride, they struggled to find a casino svenska kronor in the market.

Gear cables were revamped to deal with "difficult engagement" of first and third gears in cold weather,[3] and the seat mountings were adapted to increase rake in May This had another change to the front grille now a shared style for the Austin and Morris and interior, including a conventional handbrake.

Ironically, it represented the tail-end of popularity of British-designed cars in Australia. I Danmark blev det solgt som Morris Monaco. The Wolseley retained its unique rear lights.

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The Wolseley name was no more. The driving position was also a little too 'bus like' for some. Despite technical superiority, the X6 was commercially inferior, being superseded by the Leyland P76 in Both Alec Issigonis and Pininfarina worked on its exterior. The car was unconventional in its appearance inwith its large glasshouse and spacious, minimalist interior including leather, wood, and chrome features plus an unusual instrument display with ribbon speedometer and green indicator light on the end of the indicator stalk.

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The compression ratio was increased and maximum power output boosted by 5 bhp to a claimed 86 bhp. Issigonis' refusal to acknowledge consumer interest in something more stylish and less eccentric cost the car dearly in sales, and it never achieved the volumes planned for it.

The X6 series was intended to compete more effectively with the Australian-made rear-wheel drive six cylinder family cars of Holden, Ford and Chrysler. There was a chrome "umbrella handle" handbrake under the dashboard parcel shelf, and the slot rold front seats met in the middle and could be used, on occasion, as a bench seat.

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This featured a cheaper and more conventional interior, revised front grilles and other trim, and for the Austin and Morris models the slim, horizontal rear lights were replaced by vertical "fin" lights which gave a family look along with the smaller ADO16 range. In modern terms, it is the same external size as a Mark 1 Ford Focus, but has the interior space of a Mondeo.

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Someexamples of all variants were produced in just over a decade, with the Austin slot rold versions being the most common; someunits were produced. Despite offering the safety of a dual circuit system, it was generally held to be inferior in performance to the earlier Girling equipment.

From late all ADO71 models were marketed under the Princess name. A version unique to Australia was the Austin Utility, a coupe utility variant which was produced by from to This vehicle was reportedly shipped to British Leyland in the UK and never seen again.


The technology "under the skin" was also unconventional and ahead of its time, including Hydrolastic suspension and an example of inertia-controlled brake proportioning, in the form of a valve which transferred braking force between front and rear axles as a function of sensed deceleration rather than as a function of fluid pressure. Bya 97 bhp 72 kW "S" model with twin SU HS6 carburettors, a mph speedometer and sporty-looking badging was available.

As a one-off prototype, an Australian Mark II body was fitted with the 4. These cars were also offered in New Casino luc sur mer mariage as Morris models. The Australian Mark II was notable in retaining the lower final drive ratio of the Mark I's manual transmission but not the lower second gearand, with the exception of the initial production run, was fitted with a dual circuit hydraulic braking system manufactured locally by Paton's Brake Replacements PBR Pty.

Early unreliability, a typical BMC trait, did not help. A month after its launch, in Decemberreclining front seats and the option of an arm rest in the middle of the back seat were added to the specification schedule.

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The packaging expertise that seemed a miracle in the Austin Mini and Austinwas much less relevant in a larger car, so that the car seemed to be 'between sizes', oversized and not a direct competitor for the market slot that it was aimed at.