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Using a mouse to drag and drop furniture into the environment of the user.

A digital home has a network of consumer electronics, mobile, and PC devices that cooperate transparently. Physical environment is a busy street, platform is a smartphone, and the user is walking fast busy eyes. Shopping cart web application with reality frame. The design of the interaction with the Story Editor and of the templates for the generated pages derives from the representation of tasks in the form of patterns composed by specific task trees.

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The workflow for a star-story left and a generated page for a star-story right. The target platform is that of Web pages with associated JavaScript components for the interaction with the specific learning content. The key functional requirements to support this task include the capacity to: The lateral bars are generated according to a general template.

For each pattern, the story editor will constrain the interaction to create instances of that pattern, and will generate the specific workflow to be followed while interacting with the generated page.

In fact, such UIs are capable of adapting to different computing platforms touch-based devices, web, mobile, TV, PDA, DECT handset, voice portal …users children, teenagers, adults, elderly, disabled people, … and environments or situations at home, away, at night, while music is playing, …. Because we consider the platform as the only dimension of the context of use, the other context aspects have been greyed out in Figure UC2.

Physical environment is that of a home, platform is a Desktop PC, and the user is an English speaker who does not know the city where the car has to be rented. However, as songs become longer and more intricate they may span across several sheets, forcing the player to stop playing to turn the page. A similar process is followed to obtain a Final UI for a different platform e.

Models involved in the Minimalist-UI use case and the process.

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Development of user interfaces is tr social slots secondary field in the production industry, but the impact of user interface quality is increasingly independent of the application domain, which is a significant factor of success for the entire product. Physical environment is the home of the user, platform is a desktopPC to be controlled by an interaction technique that involves turning the head to the left and to the right.

The final aim is to provide a seamless and unified user experience, which is critical in the digital home domain. Task models for the two targeted contexts of use. All computing devices and home appliances conform to a set of interoperable tr social slots so that everything can be controlled by means of an interactive system.

For each FUI element, a mapping is then defined that identifies the abstract Interface interactor from a pre-existing abstract interactor model - http: Different electronic services can be offered by a digital home system, including but not limited to e.

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Models involved in the car rental use case and the process. The SmartFactoryKL is the first tr social slots intelligent production environment for demonstration and development purposes worldwide. Instead, interaction can nowadays be driven by self-designed widgets specifically targeted at some specific user needs or specific application requirements.

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Designers are no longer required to use a predefined set of basic widgets. Physical environment is the home of the user, platform is a desktopPC to be controlled by a mouse, and user is the online shop customer Physical environment is the home of the user, platform is a desktopPC to be controlled by an interaction technique that requires hand gestures with both hands.

Further control modes or interactor representing media that have been derived from the same AUI interactor and for that already CUI model interactors have been defined can then be used as an additional control mode or representation for the new FUI element http: The Task Model for the Digital Home. As shown in Figure UC4. To this regard, different automatic UI adaptations can be possible: From the task model, it is possible to derive an Abstract UI for each targeted context of use.

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The overall abstract structure of story containers. These Post-WIMP widgets are designed to support different combinations of modes and media and can guarantee a certain quality-in-use upon context changes.

To handle the resulting diversity of user interfaces, we developed a universal interaction device — the SmartMote — which is capable of providing control over various devices in these environments. Physical environment is the home of the user, platform tr social slots a desktopPC to be controlled by an interaction technique that involves tilting the head to the left and to the right.

The mobile version of the Digital Home application. From a field study conducted with deaf people in the context of a national project involving cognitive scientists, linguists, and computer scientists, we adopted the metaphor of a learning story as the basis for organising different types of learning material: Head Tracking Interactor A head movement mode interactor supports detecting tilting the head to the side, right and left, as the controller to pass to the next page or return to the previous page, respectively.

Moreover a corresponding pattern of interaction elements to be included in the generated page is provided as an abstract user interface model. Music sheet web application We propose a UI to turn music sheets with simple head movements that can be captured by a basic VGA webcam, a common part of modern notebooks.

For each type, the story editor provides a specialised form of interaction, guiding the teacher to define the story according to that type, and a template is used to generate the appropriate main page for the story accordingly. The user controls the home devices remotely, in order to e. Although this may become easier as one becomes more experienced with the instrument, it is a barrier for inexperienced players that can be tackled easily using a different mode to turn the pages other than your hand.

On the one hand, this AUI will be expressed using a modality and platform -independent vocabulary also shared by other AUIs addressing different computing platformson the other hand, this AUI will include only the abstract interaction units that make sense in that considered computing platform a desktop PC.

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These functionalities are made available through context sensitive user interfaces. The context of use is that of the generation of a course by a teacher, possibly involving in the process tutors who will then have to assist the learners.