Biggest blackjack hand ever,

This set my antennae tingling.

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But the fact that they came in exactly the same way must make one wonder. When a meteor strikes, are your colleagues likely to remain open and free of artifice, or will they turn inward, submerging themselves in a monologue of self-serving rationalizations?

First hand, all in. Casino, blackjack.

The information is perfect. He peeled off 10 C-notes and I dealt him his double down card. He lost track of time, and frantically phoned in a bet to his offshore.

I had just joined up with four very sharp guys who taught me to shuffle track.

I am not about to waste time on hypothetical scenarios right now. You know the signals? Calvin would even past post while driving by listening to the game.

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Every few weeks, through the summer, a second PC would arrive, BP in tow. Andy would also make the play look good—two buddies out gambling.

Winners and Losers: True Tales From the Blackjack Trenches

Except a Sun Devil aptly named mascot picked it up and ran 70 yards. The whole activity is devoted to grubbing as much filthy lucre as possible, but comity requires members who value their connection to other human beings far more than money.

There is nothing that can be done. He picked up the phone and dialed.

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The lifeless characters on the screen cannot hear as we discuss their scripted destinies: Computer Power to the People!! There was probably no precedent, no law, sort of like LSD in the 60s.

People might think this was quite a tragedy but in reality this was probably the best weekend I ever had. Next Friday, we were back at the scene of the crime.

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Happily two other players leave. Unknown Man is apparently unable to intercept my signals to Mike. But storm clouds appeared. I had picked up another million and a half.

My most memorable loss was in the early 80s. After all, there is a certain point at which probability provides the sort of cushion that allows you to feel safe in projecting a result. Banks routinely agree to do this on transactions that do not have hard-copy signatures, i. He flips the ball to the kicker who will obviously take a knee.

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While waiting for the hand pay, I started playing the adjacent machine. But amazingly biggest blackjack hand ever, I eventually got back the entire 10k. After five years of living in Vegas he would still ask, "Where is that damn Dunes?

Our BP, who had already established himself as a major sucker, would then come and request that this empty table be made a private game. And Monday morning it was time to send him home.

A team of friends and relatives got themselves barred, but one of them came up with a great idea. I turned my hole card over and hit out to a Once won, we knew that you never had to worry about going "lifetime stuck.

Well, I guess I exaggerate.

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Tournaments are very high-variance endeavors, which lead to lots of small- and medium-range losses, while you wait for a few gonzo wins that make up for them. You see if anyone else sits at the table the stack is ruined.

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When these conversations were done, Mr. The new management told Yellow Book that its accounts were its own, and it could make its own decision on seizing money for Red Book. Not the kind of thing casual gamblers would have around.

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I am honored by his generosity and respect. This is probably the single biggest expense to online gambling houses.

I had previously heard of the individual and some material written by him revealed a very mathematically oriented mind, hopefully interested in long-term gain through collaboration rather than quickie ripoffs. They did and I never played there again. The other players piling on had reaped twenty-eight million more. I love this town!

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The boss was at my shoulder. At this point, there is about one deck left, a plus count of 4 or 5, probably the last hand before the shuffle. Buffalo got hit with about 3 questionable late calls but was still up 4 with 1 minute to play.