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Basically, it makes it so that you climb shit faster. Anyways… That should be just about it!

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It is absolutely worth getting if you take Cool Shots. The most effective path way to upgrading these consumables is to first get the Cool Shot 9 by 9 upgrade, which will give you a seriously useful coolant flush ability and is useful in almost every mech. Below is a table of available modules and their costs.

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And it is one of the best modules in the game, basically equating to wall-hacks with less detailed information enemy mech movement appears as blips on your minimap, with a refresh rate of about a second. To fully unlock a weapon module to level 5, it will mechwarrior master module slot 3. This is incredibly useful as a counter to LRM boats, and is nice even if they have no LRM boats in order to deny targeting information and to keep information about your movements hidden from the enemy for those extra few seconds.

So I figured that a mechwarrior master module slot thing missing is a comprehensive guide to modules and pilot skills, not only on what they do but which ones are worth bringing on what sorts of mechs and which ones are just a waste of time.

You should have both of these unlocked, not only so you can get a feel for each to see if you have an odd preference, but also because some mechs do better with one or the other arties are often better on lights, for example. The main use I see for it, though, is in light mechs without jumpjets.

When the "Elite" tier is completed on a 'Mech, all of the bonuses in the "Basic" tier of that 'Mech are doubled. There is no mech on which this is not useful, and it is practically a must-have for PUG matches.

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This module lets you keep targets locked even if you are looking in the complete opposite direction. This does involve a few upgrades though.

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When you are running a mech with only one module slot which is the case with many if not most non-mastered mechsyou will have to decide for yourself whether you want to bring Radar Deprivation or Seismic Sensor. First of all, I like to use cooldown modules in order to sync up cooldowns between 2 weapon systems whose cooldowns are usually different that I want to fire together.

Consumable Pilot Skills All mechs have two consumable slots, and the two best consumables to have on your mech are almost always Cool Shot 9 by 9 and Improved Air Strike. For all your mechs. Personally, I like seismic in brawlers and in super-long range mechs, so that I know mechwarrior master module slot to pre-aim and I get warnings if a lmech is trying to sneak up on me.

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Pilot Tree[ edit edit source ] BattleMechs are able to equip modules in addition to equipment. In general, Air Strikes are more useful as you can aim them, but Artillery Viejas casino hours can be placed in the middle of an enemy position for maximum effectiveness and so are worth having too. So the only reason to take it is if you plan ahead of time to do a cap rush, and this is not a recommended strategy for two reasons.

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The weapons sync up in terms of beam duration and range very well, and are often used in conjunction with each other. Mech Modules Vision Advanced Zoom: When not in an LRM boat, it can still be useful though. I hope you found this to be useful, and maybe even enjoyable stfu GMan ur so dry. To help alleviate that problem, you can stick in a cERML Range 5 module, to bring the ranges closer and make your mech more effective at typical engagement ranges due to your cERMLs doing more damage outside of their standard optimal range.

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As to which one to unlock, I recommend the Improved Air Strike because I find it to be more useful more often, but if you personally prefer artillery strikes over airstrikes, you can get Improved Artillery Strike instead.

These are each must-haves for their associated consumable, and as with the 9 by 9 upgrade I would recommend unlocking this before you even bother with the Strikes. However, this problem can be fixed by putting on a cLPL Cooldown 5 module, which causes them to sync up almost perfectly the cLPLs get off cooldown just a fraction of a second before the cERMLs do, but the difference in timing is much lower and you want your cLPLs more anyways.

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Honestly, there are very few circumstances in which I find this useful, and the main one that comes to mind is if you are in a light mech running away from the enemy team keeping a target locked for LRMs. This module is probably the best all-purpose module, it is never ever useless and it always helps. This module basically decreases the rate at which you decelerate when climbing a hill whose slope is above the threshold of your mech for slowing down.

Air Strike and Artillery Accuracy: If you run mechs with multiple AMS or have mechs with extra weapon module slots.

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As it is, there is currently a small gap between the range at which you can start targeting mechs with ECM and the range at which mechs with ECM will disrupt your targeting thus preventing lock-ons. This is situationally a good module, but I emphasize situationally strongly. There are three tiers of efficiencies; Basic, Elite, and Master.

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If you run a lot of jumpjet-less mechs with an extra module slot after seismic and radar deprivation, this can be a good choice to take over Target Info Gathering. This module has two effects:

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