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The governor has hired a Public Education Department cabinet secretary who is obsessed with teacher evaluations and letter grades for each individual school.

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That post was a long, unfunny joke about how McCleskey might send goons to kick my ass or worse. My point is this: Children who come from poor households are terrible at tests because their brains are harmed by the out-of-school stress that comes with living in poverty.

I had naively presumed the worst-case scenario for sending that letter was a tongue lashing. Susana Martinez was a district attorney and now she is a governor. Where could she have gone?

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It was such a mistake. I felt worried after 10 minutes, scared after I clenched my ears and heard neither jingle nor yelp. The deal went through after the Downs barely outscored another bidder in evaluations. When schools are bad so is the state, because education hugely impacts the economy.

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Having no soul is like being able to run a 4. He was also a Republican. I have tried, repeatedly and obnoxiously, to engage the PED in a debate about what works best for children. She was waiting for me when I arrived back home panicked. They were reluctant, for mysterious reasons. That agenda could be described — with gross over-simplification — as consisting of two main items: She was fine, wagging her stupid tail.

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Did you hear that? The inmates have escaped the asylums and learned to win elections. Gardner, it turned out, was right to worry about his emails. Watching politics up close has jacked up my mind.

Government is never closing loopholes.

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Study after study — the ones I find come from college professors — have shown this. Did someone take her? ISPAC obtained those private emails and outed them. My dog was waiting at home. Santa Fean, I was Five-Finger jogging through the sandy canyon in the center of the park.

Could an animal have attacked?

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Susana Martinez and her staff. The tenets of good government are nowhere to be found.

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Government is a fantasy land populated with opportunists and liars. Jay McCleskey gets donations to his Super PAC at a quarter-million bucks per clip, from oil companies and casino moguls.

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My mind started spinning. Instead, I was suddenly unemployed. The mag has TV and movie reviews, but it mostly features informed hit pieces on Gov.

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What would I tell my wife? ISPAC digs up dirt no one is supposed to find, dirt that gets politicians into trouble. Custer by attending a tribal leaders summit.

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The subject is actually fascinating when you get away from funding formulas. You can read it here. The lawyer also made a lot of bad jokes, including one that got him fired, about the governor dishonoring Col.

It makes me angry and it makes me crazy.

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A out-of score for management expertise, to a company on probation with the New Mexico Racing Commission for not paying purse money… to a company who had to be ordered by the EPA last year to clean up giant mounds of horse poop that were seeping into the Rio Grande. Government should be manned by big-hearted idealists who want to harness their Constitutional powers to collaborate and make our state a stronger, better place.