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Select an axis of a slot. This is one place where users create and maintain Folders for exporting and comparing material data. The SpaceClaim user interface allows you to link directly to MatWeb, and then go directly to the Export section of the site.

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Direction tool guide and Ctrl-drag to move the slot radially. With it's premise of ease of use and simplicity, you'll find Discovery SpaceClaim to be extremely valuable in tackling small to large modeling problems.

Available Editions

Ways to Access SpaceClaim Technology. In SpaceClaim viewing mode, you will see a list of the materials in your folder. You can pull a curved slot degrees to make a round cut.

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Pull the hole to create a curved slot. You will not be able to pull the slot if you select the axis of the round or chamfer. Hold the Alt key and select the cylinder face or face to set the offset direction.

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The SpaceClaim export library from MatWeb is created using the minimum values when MatWeb has a range; you may easily edit such data points. Select the Rotate tool guide and click the axis of the driving cylinder. With streamlined commands and workflows, operations that previously took hours can be completed in minutes.

To create a slot

Direction tool guide and pull the hole to offset the cylinder and create a radial slot simultaneously. You can detach protrusions to move them with the Move tool's Detach First option.

Click the Pull Direction tool guide and pull the hole to create a radial slot. If you select Detach Create separate surfaces from individual pieces of a sketch, or objects or faces in 3D.

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You can rotate your design clockwise or counterclockwise. Create New Folders beyond your default "My Folder": Select the Rotate Design: Slots maintain the relationship between their faces. Place the XML file in: Pull the axis or face of a hole to create a slot.

Examples Pulling mirrored holes to create slots Creating a circular slot by entering an angle dimension with the Pull Tool used to distort or deform geometry.

Rounding Corner of Spline Surface Body in ANSYS SpaceClaim

You can create up to five folders with up to 20 data sheets per folder. You can also move a hole radially by pressing Shift while dragging it with the Pull Tool used to distort or deform geometry.

Who Uses This Software?

Built on the direct modeling technology, Discovery SpaceClaim removes geometry problems associated with various 3D CAD operations, such as design or concept modeling, repair of translated CAD files, general model defeaturing, and complete model editing. With Discovery SpaceClaim, working with 3D modeling software becomes fast, easy, flexible, and rewarding, no matter where in the workflow you need it.

You may add a comment to the folder.

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Use the Pull tool to offset, extrude, revolve, sweep, draft, and blend faces; or to round, chamfer, or extrude edges. Alt-click the face of the driving cylinder to set the direction of the Pull towards the axis of the driving cylinder. This example's XML file is available for free at the top of the page.

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Using the Move handle to spin an object around an axis. A new window will open with the exported data. Select "SpaceClaim" from the manage mode list, and click the "Manage" button.

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Click the sweep trajectory. When converting a sketch to 3D, pulling a line creates a surface and pulling a surface creates a solid.

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Pull Tool used to distort or deform geometry. Using the Rotate tool to spin a design 90 degrees in the plane of the screen.

Navigation menu

You may add up to 20 to each library, using the results of multiple searches. You can name and populate these different folders based on a type of material, specific projects, or other systems that you find useful.

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Technology should make your job easier, not more complicated.