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Monica is stuck with a dozen lasagnas because she didn't know they were supposed to be vegetarian. They end up fighting the whole time and Chandler's afraid it may be over. Rachel strives to finish a crossword puzzle all by herself. Phoebe doesn't believe in evolution, which bothers Ross enough that he feels he has to convince her of the theory.

Phoebe and Rachel catch the spirit as well, and soon they're all wearing white. Second Season Plots 2. The underwear on the telephone pole outside is Monica's, from when she had sex with Fun Bobby on the terrace; Chandler has a third nipple; Joey was in a porn movie which they then watch. Chandler and Joey gawk at the Xerox girl, who invites them both to a dance club.

Monica and Rachel welcome Chandler to "their side of the tunnel" and console him with ice-cream. Rachel invites everyone but Ross to go skiing for the weekend; they get locked out of the car at a rest stop; Rachel refuses to call Ross for help, so Monica and Phoebe do it behind her casino perk for a high roller crossword clue he comes to their aid and then gets stuck because his battery dies.

Phoebe's new psychiatrist boyfriend, Roger, depresses casino perk for a high roller crossword clue angers everyone. Someone is peeping into the apartment building with a telescope; Joey discovers it's a woman, and that she's very complimentary.

Chandler finds out that he does really have that much in common with Eddie after all. Joey can make everything even grandma's chicken salad sound dirty.

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Rachel talks with Monica and Phoebe about her unresolved feelings for Ross. Joey gets carried away with a mailbox project and ends up building an entertainment center; he mistakenly cuts Chandler's door in half in the process. Ross pines for Rachel. Ross goes to the club and ends up kissing the Xerox girl.

He threatens to tell everyone the truth unless Chandler and Monica can come up with a story that makes him look good. Waltham is counting his house remodeling as a wedding expense.

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Later, Monica reveals her relationship with Richard to her parents. Chandler, under stress because Ross and Rachel's break-up reminds him of his parents divorce, starts smoking again. In Rachel's depression, she sleeps with Paolo again. Ross uses weird gestures he made up as a kid instead of offensive ones. Chandler and Joey have to do their Christmas shopping late on Christmas eve.

Joey tells Chandler about Janice kissing her husband, and Chandler confronts her. Joey compares women to ice cream. Second, she begins screen sperm donors--and runs into Joey's file. Chandler and Monica have a difficult time at the rehearsal dinner; they console each other, and end up sleeping together.

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Joey gets an audition for a Broadway musical, but he can't dance. Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel have a cleansing ritual to rid themselves of bad luck with men, which turns into a small fire; Fireman casino perk for a high roller crossword clue come to the rescue.

Monica's finds a new job creating Thanksgiving recipes for Mockolate, a synthetic chocolate substitute. Monica goes on a date with Paul the wine guy, who turns out to be less than sincere.

Monica gets a new position as Head Lunch Chef, also in charge of purchasing, who has her own little desk when Roland's not thereand a beeper. Monica suggests they postpone the wedding an idea which leads to more problems. While there, Chandler meets a beautiful and exotic woman, Aurora, and begins dating her. Heckles dies, apparently while hitting his ceiling with a broom because of the noise from above.

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If the guys win, they get the girls' apartment. Ross and Rachel continue to bicker about their break-up.

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Monica falls for Julio, a co-worker at the diner who writes a poetry; he writes a poem for Monica which isn't very flattering. Casino perk for a high roller crossword clue is depressed about his failed marriage. Despite their age difference, Richard and Monica begin dating. Rachel meets Mark, who gets her an interview at Bloomingdale's; Ross worries about Mark's motives.

Monica is releaved that Richard thinks her neurotic behavior is endearing; but she's upset that he doesn't seem to have any compulsive obsessions himself. Phoebe flashes the other team. Chandler tries to end his membership at his gym; Ross goes with him for moral support but ends up joining as well.

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Monica injures her eye but doesn't want to have to see Richard again; she arranges to see the on-call doctor, who turns out to be very cute Joey gets a lead part in a play, but can't stand the female lead Treeger's practice ballroom dancing partner. Phoebe struggles unsuccessfully to contain her desires for Rick, one of her massage clients; she ends up being fired and he turns out to be married.

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Confronted with the truth at such an inconvenient time, Ross can't deal with it and leaves. Phoebe forgets to tell Joey about an audition While performing at Central Perk, Phoebe confronts some noisy boys and ends up dating one of them: Joey and Chandler go sight-seeing, but Joey's tourist behavior embarrasses Chandler and they split up for the day; Chandler has a lousy time, but Joey has a great day Ross accidentally breaks a little girl's leg, and ends up selling Brown Bird Cookies for her so she can go to Space Camp.

Monica picks up Emily's wedding dress for her, and finds she just can't resist wearing it However, he comes right back and kisses her. She tries but can't decide which one to break up with. Vince, a burly fireman, and Jason, a sensitive teacher. Additional plotline on the DVD release: