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Turns out the washer is not in stock, but I am not told that…. I advised them there are TWO charges on my card, to remove one and get on with the delivery. The faudulent address these expensive tools are being delivered to had been added to my profile.

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Mr Ed never explains how it is that he managed to miss the washer and dryer that was supposed to be delivered on the same exact order that the old washer and dryer is ordered for pick up. I get a call from Lowes delivery department saying the order will deliver the next day as well.

I always thought that a customer was a customer wether they walked in or drove. After canceling the order, the Lowes driver calls me at 8: I cancel the second order of a washer and dryer from Lowes. My password has been changed so they can no longer access my account online.

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I call and ask Austell and they say it will deliver Saturday the next day. I am told Austell, Georgia Lowes manager will call me to discuss the new order. The physical address was not my address and the last four numbers for the credit card did not match any of mine.

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Thanks for your time. Corporate Lowes adds the washer to the order and charges me a second time for the entire order even when I verified this would not happen!!! I feel u should know about the actions of Ms Candy,to prevent it from happening to another customer.

For example delivered twice just last week and not once was told to visit or check in with receiving. I also cancel the order because I am upset.

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Yes, Mr Johnson should have been prepared to discuss how he was going to compensate me from my time and now 3K sitting in pending charges on my card due to numerous errors by Lowes when asked.

I order a washer dryer on line.

I waste the rest of my day waiting for a washer and dryer that never arrives. Where is the washer and dryer they are supposed to deliver? Their performance is not management level. I am now going to go delete the fraudulent address that has been added to my account along with the no longer valid phone associated with my account.

I foolishly believe her. She promises to get it right. The inability to communicate with someone higher on the food chain than a CSR is absurd. He should also been prepared to tell his delivery department that my washer and dryer should be delivered first thing the next morning.

Not the type company I want to do business with. Not only did he get the door from the stockroom but helped load it safely into my vehicle.

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It is clear that Lowes cannot do the simplest of their mission: Your Austell, Georgia store is a nightmare and that goes from management on down. I call my bank to unfreeze my card that is locked thanks to Lowes.

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I advised him the order had been canceled and refused delivery. No delivery from Lowes.

Vickie April 19, at Instead of looking for the washer in nearby Lowes stock making the salethe Austell blackjack real estate clarksville tn cancels the washer and calls me to make delivery on just the dryer. I called Lowes Corporate to lodge a complaint.

I call Lowes to follow up on delivery. It reflects in every single process from order placement, confirmation, fulfillment, delivery, customer service and promises. How do you have someone like that working in the delivery department exactly?

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He has no idea and it is up to me to find out where my order is from Lowes Austell Georgia. It says both items are in stock in Austell, Georgia. Johnna Calverase April 29, at As I said the lawn and garden Dept. Shameful on every level. He should have canceled the order as requested and never attempted delivery.

Glen Hartman April 21, at 1: