Qplaintextedit slots. Qplaintextedit Slots

Passing 0 shows no widget in the corner.

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This function was introduced in Qt 4. Text can be formatted in a limited way, either using a syntax highlighter see belowor by appending html-formatted text with appendHtml.

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If the dialog is accepted, this function returns the text in the dialog's plain text edit. Constructs a new input dialog with the given parent and window flags. Static convenience function to get an integer input from the user.

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The popularity of these free slot games grew far quicker than I expected. This is useful for applications such as spreadsheets with "locked" rows and columns.


This function returns the text of the current item, or if editable is true, the current text of the combo box. The dialog's parent is parent. Popular Online Slots Click the pictures to play Bally.

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The parameters dx and dy are there for convenience, so that the class knows how much should be scrolled useful e. ImhNone Static convenience function to get a string from the user.

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By default when reading plain text, one newline signifies a paragraph. The dialog will be modal and uses the widget flags. See also options and testOption.

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Closes the dialog and sets its result code to result. If editable is true the user can enter their own text; otherwise, the user may only select one of the existing items.

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Use this static function like this: This function returns the floating point number which has been entered by the user. QAbstractScrollArea already provides horizontal and vertical scroll bars by default.

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The QAbstractScrollArea will take ownership of the given widget. If you want to limit the total number of paragraphs in a QPlainTextEditas it is for example useful in a log viewer, then you can use the maximumBlockCount property.

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They now attract 's of visitors every day so I have since expanded the choice to include some of the newer games available to play online. The default implementation simply calls update on the entire viewportsubclasses can reimplement this handler for optimization purposes, rivers casino apartments - like QScrollArea - to move a contents widget.

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QPlainTextEdit works on paragraphs and characters. This signal is only relevant when the input dialog is used in DoubleInput mode. The selected value is specified by value. Also, if the subclasses are to be used in item views, they should not call this function.