Which of the following slots features serial data transfers,

Thus, some devices fail when connected to a bus-powered hub. The key is to make sure that the adapter card is completely compatible with the expansion slot on the motherboard.

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Another example would be the primary IDE controller; this uses the range 1FF7, a total of 8 values an 8-bit range. Printing Fundamentals—This section describes the basics of laser, inkjet, impact, and thermal printers.

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For example, the keyboard controller chip is always assigned IRQ 1. Cables that are Series A—to—Series A or Series B—to—Series B are used to extend standard cables, and can cause problems if the combined length of the cables exceeds recommended distances. Figure shows the rear panel of a typical ATX system, including USB and other port types discussed in this chapter.

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Note that the industry is shifting from using the term "USB 2. You can also add USB ports by way of an expansion card.

Understanding I/O Ports

There are a plethora of ports that connect these devices to the computer, for example, the well-known USB port. A self-powered hub supports a wider range of USB devices, so it is recommended that you use it instead of a bus-powered hub whenever possible. Bus-powered Self-powered Bus-powered hubs might be built into other devices, such as monitors and keyboards, or can be standalone devices.

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In Figurethere are two root hubs listed, indicating that the system has four USB ports. A root hub supports two USB ports. Note the fork-shaped USB logo next to the category and each device.

Motherboard Expansion Slots and Bus Speeds - CompTIA A+ 220-801: 1.2

The maximum length for a cable attached to 12Mbps or Mbps USB devices is five meters, whereas the maximum length for low-speed 1. USB packaging and device markings frequently use the official logos shown in Figure to distinguish the different versions of USB in common use.

The Computer Management window opens, and the Device Manager is located there. It can provide up to mA of power to each device connected to it.

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The entire range for the keyboard is F, a total of 16 values a bit range. A self-powered hub, on the other hand, has its own power source; it plugs into an AC wall outlet.


External modems Serial mouse or pointing devices such as trackballs or touchpads Plotters. With either version of USB, a single USB port on an add-on card or motherboard is designed to handle up to devices through the use of multiport hubs and daisy-chaining hubs.

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In this chapter you learn about serial, parallel, SCSI, USB, sound, and FireWire ports and their corresponding devices; verzekeren bij blackjack goal is to make you proficient with the various interfaces you see in the IT field.

The ports are associated with copper circuits and memory ranges that allow the communication of data between the CPU, RAM, and the ports themselves. The devices, or ports and their associated controlling chips, are assigned IRQ numbers which help the CPU and interrupt controller to differentiate between devices.

Some motherboard vendors include these header cables with the motherboard, whereas others require you to purchase lucky nugget casino free spins separately. This is done by way of an interrupt input line an actual circuit.

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This hardware could be internal or external. Most recent desktop systems have at least four USB ports, and many systems support as many as eight or more front- and rear-mounted USB ports.

Figure USB plugs and sockets. Because of vendor-specific differences in how motherboards implement header cables, the header cable might use separate connectors for each signal instead of the more common single connector for all signals.

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These are shown in hexadecimal because they are considered to be memory ranges. Understanding Input Devices—This section describes the important characteristics of keyboards, mice, biometric readers, and other input devices. The standard IRQ numbers range between 0 and Some are reserved for future use by the owner of the computer; this helps with expansion and adding devices to the system. There are two types of generic hubs: Understanding Multimedia Devices—This section covers the basics of multimedia devices such as webcams, digital cameras, MIDI ports, microphones, sound cards, and video capture cards.

You can also access Device Manager from the Control Panel. Serial ports have been used which of the following slots features serial data transfers connect the following: Some recent case designs also include front-mounted USB ports, which can also be connected to the motherboard.

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We talk more about expansion cards and slots in Chapter 4, "Motherboards and Buses. A bus-powered hub provides no more than milliamps mA of power to each device connected to it.

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You can add USB ports with any of the following methods: Starting with Windows 98, USB devices are Plug and Play PnP devices that are hot swappable can be connected and disconnected without turning off the system. USB cables use two types of connectors: To fully understand how to install, configure, and troubleshoot input, output, and multimedia devices, you need to know the ports like the back of your hand.

If you have a free slot in the computer, and know what type of slot it is, you can easily snap in an adapter card that has an additional two, four, or eight USB ports. Different USB devices use different amounts of power, and some devices require more power than others do.