Nikon d70 cf slot replacement, here...

Did you take care of that copper sheet? Now, gently lift off the back panel.


I used the CF cover flap to pull on one side. I bought 4 with shipping for that. I wasn't brave enough I'll not advertise the company I used here a UK company as I'm in the UK and went direct, many shops will will send it off anyway I expecty so beware. Finally, replace the bottom panel. Go out and shoot great pics!

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Next, remove the two soaring eagle casino outdoor concert seating chart screws holding the subpanel in place. This is not the right time to be drinking Coke or eating chips. I'd recommend a new card reader and flex, relatively inexpensive.

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Only attempt this if you are comfortable with working on fragile parts, have a lot of patience and the right tools. Rob, you are right. Reconnect the CF subpanel.

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Seems to be a safe download, but the usual precautions about content from unknown sites apply. Looks like they are out of stock, wonder if they will be able to re-stock? A closer inspection revealed that one of the pins was pushed back… straightening a bent pin is fairly easy with the right set of SMD tweezers and a little patience, but if it is pushed back things become more difficult, effectively requiring a little disassembly.

Testing and reassembly once you are confident that the CF receptable works try it with a CF cardput it back in place.

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Here is the bottom part after realigning: Note that there is a small copper sheet below the bracket that held it in place, do not lose or damage this part. If all works well, turn the camera back off and screw the back panel in place.

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You can download it here as a PDF. This can take a while.

The best way to do this is by using the tweezers on the side parts of the connector. Unlike the back panel, this connector has a black flap to hold the ribbon in place.

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I guess it depends on how you rate you abilities, more tricky than difficult it seems to me reading through the instructions so is easily possibly for most. This is what the connector looks like when closed: And here it is open: Replace the silver screws.

Remove them all and set them aside. Remove the lens and put the protective cap in place.

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Make sure you remove the battery. It is also much easier to straighten any bent pins with the subpanel removed. I don't really need one now as my 70s only has a dab over 5k on it right now.

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My level is higher tech, having replaced sensor also myself not offering services, just for reference and took about twenty minutes. Reconnect the back panel.

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I still wouldn't mind having an extra card socket on hand, just in case. This fix was not hard at all.

Replacement is mid technical, not for the coffee addict, but needs a bit of caution. Anyway email me if you'd like further details but good luck which ever route you go Its most likely an issue with the card reader where the pins become oxidised when the original coating has worn off.

I've had mine repaired for 78 quid including parts, CCD clean and return postage. To disconnect this cable, carefully slide the black part of the connector downwards, towards the cable.

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Fixing the pins Now that you have direct access to the reverse side of the CF receptable, use the tip of very fine tweezers — or a very small screwdriver — to push the pins back into arrangement. Preparations Make sure you have a clean work space. Put the back panel back in place, and insert a CF card and a battery. Test all the buttons on the back panel. Pull out the CF subpanel, it should come off very easily.

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Now the camera is sufficiently connected for testing. Price is way under the famous auction site average.

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There is a website where a guy has detailed clear instructions and images if you want to do this yourself. Bottom panel removal The bottom panel is held in place by 8 screws. Be careful, there is one connecting ribbon cable on the bottom that you do not want to damage.