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The following explosions by two more torpedoes that hit under the second stack, port side, near frame 82 and about frame 85 less than two minutes later at aboutcaused catastrophic and terminal damage. Two coastwatchers and loyal natives cared for the survivors as best they could, and radioed news of them to Guadalcanal.

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I remember commenting to one of the men in the pilot house that the San Francisco looked so beat up that she would be lucky to make it back to Espiritu Santo, but that the Juneau, while she was down by the bow, still looked seaworthy enough to make it back. Several reasons are conjectured as to why he made this decision. Naval Institute, Annapolis, Maryland Vol.

Perhaps he was also unsure as to how many of his or the U.

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Silvester], an Australian Methodist Missionary. During the afternoon of 12 November, word came from a coast watcher"enemy aircraft approaching.

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About 22 minutes after the ship was first hit the ship sank at about A tremendous explosion partly lifted the ship bodily amidships just forward of gun mount number 3 some three minutes into the Japanese attack.

Crew members in the engineering sections had to resort to gas masks due to the smoke. By this time the Helena was making good time through the water again and picking up momentum heading straight for the cloud.

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Torpedo damage of Helena, 14 December Engagement with Japanese Destroyers[ edit ] The landing of troops was completed successfully by dawn, but in the afternoon of 5 July, word came that the Tokyo Express was ready to roar down once more and the escort group turned north to meet it. Following a bombardment of What is cl slot, the Tokyo radio announced that United States Naval forces employed "a new secret weapon — a 6-inch machine gun.

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There were of these lanterns installed throughout the ship in locations best suited for just such an emergency. Marine landing was scheduled on the northern shore of New Georgia on 10 July, that would require further naval support.

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Navy track chart of the battle accurately depicts the movements of the U. While rescuing over men, Radford and Nicholas had to reengage the enemy what is cl slot times, they were awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for their rescue.

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Crenshaw, Russell Sydnor The Juneau didn't sink; she was blown up. Sunk in Kula Gulf: The ship made rendezvous with what is cl slot convoy of transports off San Cristobal on 11 November, and brought it safely into Guadalcanal. Helena was under the command of Robert Henry English at the time.

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There was a jolt as the rudder hit the stop, but it was light enough so there was no jamming. Almost at once, she became an inferno. It was found that the ship suffered considerable stress fractures within its engineering piping and tanks.

Two of the Japanese destroyers launched their Long Lance torpedoes and hit Helena, fatally damaging her.

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