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Today, that process continues with the second such story, Haleo and Julelan. The new cover-watermarked PDFs feature scalable vector art that looks slot giant at any resolution you know, relative to the materialupdated fonts to match the current comic, and are fully bookmarked, with all strip number references in the commentaries hyperlinked to the strip in question.

This year, in keeping with the creature theme, we're donating to local animal shelters here in Philadelphia. I'm putting this on pre-sale a little early this year in an attempt to maximize the number of people who actually receive their copy before the winter holidays.

War and XPs and Start of Darkness. If you liked the Spring set see post directly below this onehopefully you'll like this one, too. Anyway, it's here now. The extra slot giant is because I really don't want people who spend extra for the print version to get spoiled on everything before they get their package in the mail. We're selling them through Gumroadwhich allows us to offer them at a lower price while not having to deal with electronic fulfillment ourselves.

The reaction has been very positive and sales have been good enough that I will definitely be releasing No Cure for the Paladin Blues at some point So if you wanted to get one and didn't get there in time, I've put the calendar up on Gumroad as a digital PDF. You can download a complete list of every creature in the set here. Slot giant like to specifically point out that this is the first time On the Origin of PCs has been available in non-tree-corpse format, so everyone who hates owning physical objects can now enjoy it as long as they still own a computer or tablet or whatever.

But I just finished it now, and it's not like I'm going to make everyone wait another nine months for their tiny paper dinosaurs. Finally, the books are working their way through the retail distribution chain and should start showing up on game store shelves as early as this Tuesday, September 4th.

I sent this out to backers back inbut now I'm finally making it available for anyone who didn't pledge to the Kickstarter through Gumroad. Since they sell most of my stuff and I did a lot of the visual design work for themI thought I'd mention it here.

But obviously, they're not going to be shipping any orders any time soon, so if you're waiting on some books or board games, you should expect some substantial delays.

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The first such thing is the Stick Tales Calendarthe fifth annual Order of the Stick calendar that we've done. Also, if you are a Kickstater backer, you should already have gotten this story for free.

The reason we went with Project Wonderful for so long is that it avoided all of the awful features you think of when you think "website ads. Finally, since my last update was about the digital PDFs and how I may or may not continue converting the rest of the OOTS library over to that format, I just wanted to update you on that. But even if you already read those, this book has three all-new stories that no one has ever read except me, obviously, and my wife about Lien, Kazumi and Daigo, and Mr.

But for the first time, we're offering the calendar in both printed and digital formats simultaneously.

But I fully expect that they'll have enough on the table for anyone who wants to buy it on the spot. I will tweet any additional information I get when I get it.

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All pre-orders have shipped and it's slot giant in stock and ready to be ordered from Ookoodook normally. Normally, I release a slew of t-shirts with these ornaments, but this year I've been drawn away from my desk more than normal by a pair of back-to-back family emergencies.

You can see it there to the left, with Bandana and Gannji playing hockey. The more we sell, the quicker you'll see the rest of the series in slot giant format. I hope they make everyone's gaming experience just a little bit better, if only because it's hard to get a miniature for a pack mule otherwise, and what else are you going to use to 32red casino bonus codes your 70, copper pieces to town?

The first such extra story was a new prequel story about Belkar's time before meeting the Order that I called Slot giant Servant. And like the previous release of Dungeon Crawlin' Fools, I've written some additional commentary on the commentaries to squeeze in the cracks here and there throughout the book.

No Cure for the Paladin Blues, the second volume in the main sequence of comics, is now available as a digital download from Gumroad. Worst case scenario, we overnight ship a few boxes to cover those of you who pre-ordered it to pick up at the convention. The printed version from Ookoodook will look great on your wall, but the digital version from Gumroad will get you all the humor with fewer shipping costs.

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Also, I completely didn't realize until this moment that I'm putting a monster-themed calendar on sale on Halloween, but let's just pretend this is an amazing piece of intentional marketing synergy on my part because it makes me seem more clever than I actually am.

You can pre-order the new book right now at either Ookoodook for paper copies or Gumroad for digital PDF copiesand the books will slot giant mailed or emailed to you in August when they're released. I'm sure you're aware that Houston has been going through some historic flooding over the last few days, but as of my most recent contact with Ookoodook's owner Kevin, he and everyone he works with is safe and doing OK.

This whole release is a bit of an experiment, honestly, to see whether this sort of "new" material sells at all when released piecemeal genting casino leith new years eve of as part of a book, so there's no guarantee that the rest of the Kickstarter stories will be be released in this exact format though they all will be released at some point, somehow.

We honestly don't even know what the status of the warehouse is at this point; we may be looking at a lot of ruined books.