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However, your Expected Value is reduced if the Table is moving at a faster number of rolls per hour than that, or obviously, if you are making unnecessary bets. For the reason that players usually take the Odds because some subscribe to the position that it reduces the House Edge on the overall action Taking the Odds when you are effectively at an advantage reduces the Player Edge that you enjoy for the same reason.

In order for that to happen, there are a number of tactics the player can employ, such as: However, the key to taking advantage of Promotions is to determine whether or not the math works out in an advantageous way, and in order for that to most likely be the case for something like this, unnecessary bets that are fundamentally Negative Expectation should be avoided at all costs The page linked above indicates that there will only be about Rolls Per Hour Expected at that Table.

That means you can be Expected to succeed about 0.

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However, this would also require looking at a worst-case scenario which is a completely full Table with ten other players. Ultimately, while sitting out is a profitable decision, it is going to be extremely boring and also not worth much per hour if there are a large number of people at the table.

As always, thank you for reading and, please leave a comment! And At 11p the top 3 players that hit the most of points get this: Final Conclusion If you can form a partnership with people who are going to be there for the entire eleven hours with respect to the big prizes as well as establishing that you will have sufficient equity on the big prizes, then this could be a worthwhile Promotion.

In the best case scenario, you will be the only shooter at the Table and, according to this page: The table could be sped up a bit by throwing the dice as fast as you get them but there are two problems: One could make an argument for Odds Bets, but I would not recommend those because, while they have neither a positive or negative expectation, they are reducing the Expected Value of your overall action on a percentage basis.

That is actually pretty awful because you are only getting an average of 9. Hopefully this Article will be useful for you if you come across a Promotion reasonably close to this, and if not, the concepts in this Article can be applied to other Promotions. Of course, you are only getting half of those rolls, so as a result, you will roll times per hour. Even considering just the Promotional Chips, this is a pretty good Promotion that could certainly be beaten mesa de craps venta the basis of Expected Value.

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I suppose the first thing to do would be to try to get a gauge on how many people are going to be playing for the full eleven hours, beyond that, I would also suggest forming a prize sharing partnership with respect to the big prizes with anyone who you can rely on to be there for the full eleven hours that way you can come closer to approaching the Expected Value of the play, if indeed it is going to be positive.

However, it becomes more difficult when more than 24 players are going to be there the entire time, but again, that is assuming that none of them are Table Hopping in a strategic way which you and any partner you have for the big prizes should be doing in order to increase your probability of finishing in the Top Three in Made Points.

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With three shooters, according to that page, we can expect to see Rolls per Hour, but you are only getting a third of those which is 72 rolls per hour. Again, though, you still would want to be the shooter no worse than every 1 in 3. What is a worthy play on an Expected Value per Hour Basis is going to vary from one person to another, so making that determination is also going to be relevant if this is a Promotion that you would even consider playing in the first place.

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Of those Rolls: In order to simplify this, a player simply needs to be the shooter a little better than one out of four times in order to have a Positive Expectation. We will do three shooters and stop there since four shooters seems to have a slightly negative expectation to begin with. Sitting Out if tolerated If the crew will tolerate you not making any bets whatsoever while you are waiting for the dice to come back around to you then, while boring, this increases your Expected Value on the Promotional Chip aspect of the play.

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What that means is that you will succeed at this While there is a better Expected Value if you are the very next shooter as opposed to waiting for another one, there is absolutely no Expected Value in standing around doing nothing.

Of course, one could end up effectively blocking oneself out of having a playing spot if all of the tables that are applicable to the Promotion get filled, and if that happens, the player will be shooting zero times per hour. If you could be the only player at the table, then obviously, you would want to play all day and you would make an absolute killing! Is This a Good Promotion Overall?

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The casino absolutely would not let you do this. That brings us back to this slots doo laktasi of the Promotion: According to the chart on the same page, a lone player can expect to move along at Rolls per Hour, which is probably feasible if one is only making Pass Line bets. If you are playing in a fashion that makes the Promotional Chips profitable which also would include being the shooter as often as possible than any Equity in the final Top Three aspect of the Promotion would be icing on the cake We will now move on to two players at the Table which, the page suggests, the two players mesa de craps venta get Rolls per Hour in there.

If one is playing for the overall Promotion, then it is possible one does not need to shoot quite as often because the overall Promotion will contribute some added Expected Value as it is based on total points made that day. A more worthy goal would be to jump in and play when you have the opportunity to be the next shooter, if you are able to layton roulette that frequently enough.

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If you are going to be playing Craps anyway, then this is certainly better than sitting there and making Negative Expected Value bets sans any other benefit. Obviously, this Promotion would be pretty huge if you were able to be the only player at the Table, unfortunately, you are not going to be able to do that.

In fact, if the Promotion runs for eleven hours and the rate of success every hour, you are expected to succeed. Even if one does not play this Promotion at an advantage by strategizing, however, any Promotion would still reduce the overall House Edge on the game and is, therefore, better for that player than simply playing straight up if the player would otherwise be doing that, anyway.

The expected win per hour gets divided up among all of the team members, which is ultimately the same thing as only shooting when you have the dice!

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