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The Nurse who was walking along the broad walk, "when we went to the bar "Las Veritas", and walked down an alley, turning left towards the bar "El Tribu", where we would pick up my cousin who was at the bar, but on the way there, I asked another cousin if he could pick her up, because I wanted to go home.

The first car, a black Honda Civic with circulation plates of PMW-2, which had had an impact on the left hand side, and the second a white Chevrolet Malibu model with circulation plates of CZM Tattoo in the middle of her back with a Chinese character for the letter A. Who is "La China"?

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The only people who knew they would pass this point were the two cousins and the girlfriend of the criminal boss, the two cousins were identified as Marcos and Edgar Navia. What has puzzled investigators in the case is how the head of Sicarios knew that "El Hector" would be there at that point at that time, how she sent a hook to make him stop, so that they could attack him, well according to the girlfriend, just when they stopped out of nowhere the gunman appeared and opened fire, and the drunk woman we helped had disappeared.

The woman related that after a short while they couldn't see the drunk woman, when she noticed the approach of a subject, thin complexion, tall,white skin, black short hair, a pink shirt and blue jeans, he moved closer to us, moved his hand from behind his back and he had a black pistol in his hand".

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Steel processing plants in Monterrey, privatized inaccounted for about half of Mexico's total steel output in the early s. Education[ edit ] Monterrey has an estimated 3.

It is recognized as the best public nj online casino no deposit bonus in the northeast of Mexico and the UANL School of Medicine as one of the best in the country. Inter-city bus services run daily into the interior, as well as north to the US border and points beyond.

There are both public and private hospitals. Monterrey is a major industrial center in northern Mexico, producing a GDP of The witness said that when the subject fled, he looked up and saw the woman, and just before getting in the vehicle, she shouted, "Puro Sinaloa" and " a gift from La China".

The criminal links with the local Police are with Manuel Arce Delgadillo, and the tactics of attack employed by "La China", according to the investigative Agent are so effective that they have allowed her to do well in killings in the last few months.

The security agents, found various spent cartridges within an 8 metre radius, a 9mm pistol, and in the interior of the white Chevrolet Malibu a dead man. Companies based in Monterrey Monterrey's greater metropolitan area main business district. The couple said after giving their testimony " we were passing through that place when the attack happened and we were injured.

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There are arrivals and departures into deeper Mexico, to the U. The Police went to the scene, and their first observation was an apparent R. The victim according to the report, was wearing a blue shirt with orange on it, jeans, and black shoes and his stature was that of 1. La China In the case reconstruction, with a base of testimony and Security Camera footage, the Investigative Agents of the PGJE, achived the identification of Melissa Margarita Calderon Ojeda "La China" as the woman who was driving the vehicle of the hit men on the morning of the crime, who was accompanied by another woman and two men, one of who had a padlock beard.

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Tattoo on her abdomen of a butterfly. By the end of the same year, there were more than 13, manufacturing companies, 55, retail stores, and more than 52, service firms in Monterrey. Tattoo on her lower spine of a fish and flowers. La China Date of Birth: Tattoo on the back of her left forearm, with the words "Vonborstel".

The city's economic wealth has been attributed in part to its proximity to the United States-Mexico border and economic links to the United States. This was when, according to the girlfriend, "I saw a there was another car close, colored white and red. There are several between-cities bus lines at the bus station downtown.

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