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Friday and Saturday nights are the almost the only times when programming differs between states, due to the programming slot popularity of sports interstate. In North America, not many new programs air on Saturday nights, with the focus more on movies, reruns and sports.

Cable networks and some broadcast stations frequently air feature films during weekend afternoons. Late local news programmes only air on one of the three networks.

This is also generally true of other countries where the major terrestrial broadcasters have more general audiences. The phenomenon of fewer viewers on Friday and Saturday is in part because most people particularly the younger viewers that advertisers often seek are usually not home to watch television on Friday and Saturday nights as they participate in leisure activities on those days, and as a result, programs that air during this time usually receive low ratings.

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The drive time dayparts coincide with rush hour ; these dayparts are traditionally the most listened-to portions of the schedule, since these are the times when most people are in their cars, where radios remain nearly ubiquitous. Additional local newscasts have become increasingly popular in this time slot. In the United States and Canada, a local midday newscast also airs during the noon hour on most stations as well this is not always the case; some stations may schedule their midday newscasts up to one hour earlier.

On Saturdays, morning shows share time with the Saturday morning cartoonwhere the networks usually fulfill federally mandated regulations requiring the airing of educational or children's shows such as in the United Stateswhere at least three hours of this programming must air weekly across all television stations; although most of the children's programs have increasingly become more live action in nature than animated.

Religious programming often airs on Sunday mornings.

In some countries, programming aimed at adult audiences may also air during the late night hours, such as softcore pornography. In the United States, a handful of cable television channels such as Cinemax and HDNet have used this practice, but this is forbidden on American broadcast television.

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Some stations may sign-off for the night though this has become less common since the sair infomercialsor air news or reruns of other programming. The midday, or "at work" slot, has in recent years become particularly prone to voice trackingas large station ownership groups cut costs and use supposedly local jocks at multiple stations often in different time zones.

Following the news, prime time begins with what is usually referred to as the " early fringe " or "access period" so named after the Prime Time Access Ruleformer legislation in the United States which previously required networks to not show network-supplied programming in that hour. In the United States and Canada, prime time network programs start one hour earlier on Sunday evenings 6: Unlike morning news shows, these are more generally targeted programs and feature more hard news stories network evening newscasts, unlike their local counterparts, tend to limit weather and sports coverage unless it is a notable news story.

The later part of the daytime slot can sometimes be targeted at children ages 7—12 and teenagers ages 13—16 when they come home from school. Overnight occurs anywhere from midnight to 5: Unlike other regions, such as the United States and Canada, some programs aired during Saturday primetime in the UK achieve strong viewership levels.

Primetime programming is advertised as starting from 7: Various repeated shows and movies are also aired.

Occasionally, especially during the s and in the s, programs that were "daytime orientated" sometimes enter the prime time daypart, such as the popular nighttime soap opera Dallas and the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Most stations both talk and music air local programming in one or both drive time slots. Other Canadian networks use the Saturday night slot to meet Canadian content quotas a practice colloquially known as the " beaver hour ". Saturday nights are dedicated to either family movies or programming for older audiences, such as movies or series such as Heartbeat or A Touch of Frost ; AFL also airs on Saturday nights.

Daily variations[ edit ] There are some variations to dayparting based on the day. In talk radio, where voice tracking is impossible and syndicated content is live and national, these lines blur somewhat.

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Today show is retitled NBC Today in Australia, to avoid confusion with the Australian program of the same namewhich airs on a different network than the U. On weekends, music stations often air syndicated programming, without regard to time slots though Saturday nights often remain live with either local or slot machines springfield il hosts, especially on oldies and country music stations, to take requests and talk stations air niche network shows or brokered programming.

Australia[ edit ] In Australia, dayparting is not as complex. Weekends[ edit ] Weekends have a slightly different setup than weekdays. No network programming currently airs in the Sunday late night slot.

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Some shows have achieved success on Fridays even with the notion of the "death slot" examples include some programs within the now-defunct TGIF lineup, and more recently Shark Tankboth aired on ABC in the U. Sunday evening is generally treated as a regular weeknight, with popular prime time programs airing. Other "death slots" include Saturday nights, the Cable and satellite television networks generally broadcast an occasional movie during the daytime slot or acquired programs during prime time.

The highest rated programs on television often air during prime time, and almost all scripted programming except soap operas, game shows, and more recently, sketch comedy shows air during the prime time slots. Cable news outlets typically program a network-style morning show, rolling news coverage in the daytime with opinion programming or long-form documentaries at night; ESPN follows a similar format, but with sporting events in prime time, while its opinion programs air primarily on sister outlet ESPN2.

In radio broadcasting through programming slot of the s, dayparting was also used for censorship purposes.

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United Kingdom[ edit ] Weekdays on the major British channels generally consist of breakfast programming followed by game shows, soap operas and lifestyle programming slot during the day. During prime time, programs that are generally aimed at the entire family such as movies, which Disney Channel often airs are common. The breakfast television slot is generally seen as 6: In the United States, stations affiliated with minor networks, or those that have no network affiliation at all, usually air syndicated sitcom reruns or continue daytime programming during this daypart.

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Dayparts on television[ edit ] In the United States, dayparting is by far the most common among the Big Three television networks ABCNBC and CBSall three of which continue to produce programming for a wide array of audiences a programming strategy known as full service.

Even today, the Federal Communications Commission FCC dictates less stringent decency requirements for programming aired between the hours of As programming slot result, the late fringe occurs from After the late night shows, programming varies; this time slot between approximately 2: Cable and satellite channels, most of which cater to smaller niche audiences, generally use much simpler programming strategies: In North America, Friday programming slot are often considered to be the " death slot ", due to the concept that many shows scheduled on or moved to Friday nights would not last long before cancellation due to low ratings.

Usually the main reason for the high profile of prime time television is due to the fact that many people who programming slot home programming slot work and school tend to watch television rather than engage in any other activity. PBS traditionally broadcasts educational children's programs until approximately 5: Friday and Saturday primetime, much like the U.

Most stations also find time when sports are not airing to air large blocks of infomercials and some syndicated programs during this time slot. Until the s or so, children's programs such as Captain Kangaroo aired in this time slot since that time, however, the school day has started earlier, making such programs less viable.

The daytime television slot adjoins the morning slot, lasting from 9: Children's channels such as Disney Channel and Nickelodeon generally air programs for preschool children during the early morning hours in the form of blocks such as Nick Jr.

However, some cable channels aimed at children, teenagers or pre-teen audiences such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel have experienced success with original programs that they commonly air in the perceived Friday and Saturday night death slots; Nickelodeon in particular, has aired first-run teen programs during Saturday prime time since with the creation of the SNICK block later renamed TEENick from to The highest ratings are achieved in primetime on Sunday to Programming slot, although the early fringe holds lifestyle shows before the news instead of game shows.

Following prime time, late newscasts often air, followed by late night television programs. Evening[ edit ] Prime time is the highest-profile television daypart, from 7: Late-night shows are predominantly targeted toward younger male audiences college students and people who suffer from insomnia are also a large audience for late night programs and feature a common format of a male host delivering a stand-up comedy routine known as a monologue centered around current events, followed by several guests and a house band's performance.

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Music stations often are careful not to repeat songs during the midday shift, as they generally have a captive audience, and will often use "9 to 5 No Repeat Workdays" and all-request or specialty lunch hours to lure listeners and air a broader variety of music. Weekend daytime is also very different; with the exception of sport and weekend breakfast programs, there are no regular programs. An exception to this programming slot if the broadcast signal is encrypted; this allowed subscription networks that transmitted over broadcast television in the s and s such as ON-TV to air pornographic films at night.

Local news is usually coupled with a half-hour network newscast and possibly a syndicated news program. Evenings are a popular time for syndicated programs, while overnights are generally automated, either with or without a voice-tracked jock, though there are a few niche programs that target special audiences in the overnight and early morning hours Coast to Coast AMMidnight Trucking Radio Network and the National Farm Reportamong them.

After breakfast comes daytime televisionwhich targets college students, older retirees and the ever-shrinking base of stay-at-home moms and housewives; the soap operatabloid talk showjudge show and much more rarely since the s the game show are popular genres in this daypart. The general solution for this problem is to tape-delay programming to fit schedules, though another problem develops where West Coast listeners are unable to interact with those programs unless they stream them live from a station east of them.

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This is largely due to the increasing status of Saturday prime time as a "death slot", which led most American broadcast networks to abandon first-run scripted fare on that night by the mids. Similarly, a show that airs during early midday on the East Coast such as the Glenn Beck Program would be aired during the morning drive time period on the West Coast, and may not live up to the expectations of listeners expecting local, informative content.

There is a small audience drop off at 9: PBS and other noncommercial public broadcasting networks generally broadcast educational programs aimed at children, especially toddlers and preschool children such as Sesame Street throughout the early and later part of the daytime slot, while some show other alternative programs such as cooking programs during the midday period.

Channel 4 has also had consistent success with late-afternoon game shows; Countdownairing daily since the network's launch, has been one of the network's most popular programs.

Weekend afternoons both Saturday and Sunday often feature different sporting events to varying degrees. Primetime is officially, in terms of ratings figure designations, from 6: Daytime[ edit ] On televisionlike on radio, the day is divided into similar dayparts, although the times have been blurred somewhat.

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The Rush Limbaugh Show airs in a time slot that is in midday in all time zones, but other than that and overnight shows such as Coast to Coast AM, a show that airs in a slot corresponding to afternoon drive time in the Pacific Time Zone for instance, The Lars Larson Show would fall into a less-listened-to evening time slot on the East Coast.